SoftReset OS 4.5 Fix

I don’t know if any of you have been having problems with SoftReset since your upgrade to OS 4.5. I know I was sure bummed out when I upgraded and found out that my most commonly used application didn’t work. Stupid “Uncaught exception java.lang.Illegal Argument Exception” error!

So today I ran into this post from PinStack regarding the problem. It doesn’t look like it has worked for everyone, but it worked for me so I thought that it was worth sharing.

You need to modify the permissions for the “Email Setup Application” so that they all say “Allow” you do this by going into: Options – Advanced Options – Applications- scroll down to “Email Setup Application” click the menu button and select “Edit Default Permissions” and change all of them so that they say “Allow”. Go back to the main screen, making sure to save your changes, and try SoftReset. Hopefully it works for all of you as it did for me!

SoftReset1 SoftReset2

If it doesnt work for you, please post a comment with your OS Version, BlackBerry Model and Carrier, and I will pass it along!

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  1. Thanks for the “tip” it works “again” on 8100 with OS4.5.0.52.

  2. I had that java.lang error with a lot of applications after a 4.5 install. I saw a tip that you “have to install documents to go” during the installation of OS 4.5 to get rid of this issue. This solved all my thrid party application problems.

  3. What is the difference between doing the ALT-NUM-DEL and this SoftReset application? Any difference?

  4. @Zaxxon

    Soft Reset was made because the Pearl doesn’t have a shortcut key combo for a soft reset. The software allows Pearl users to reset without a battery pull (or did until OS 4.5, and hopefully does again now).

    If you have a different device you don’t really need this application since you have the shortcut keys available.

  5. RedNightHawk, Thanks! now it makes sense

  6. I have also found that with my 8830, the memory leak issue was cleared better by using this program than by doing the “ALT-NUM-DEL” keypress.

    Gives me much more of my memory back

  7. thanks for the help!!!

  8. I have tmobile 8100. I did that but my ball doesn’t want to change color no more. I even bought a program called PimpMyPearl that is kindof like color pearl but it had options to animate the colors abd that doesn’t want to work on my os 4.5. Wat can i do?

  9. I have the Curve 8310 and I did what you said and reinstalled the Soft Reset. And it worked with no problems! ^_^ Thanks!

  10. fixed worked great for me. AT&T Pearl 8120. (the WiFi one)

  11. First half of my comment—

    There is perhaps an alternative to having any version of SoftReset at all (thanks to Alan Penner, it was awesome on 4.3)

    Go to "options", "advanced", "applications" and select a small application you either tend not to use or even a tiny application you have installed to the blackberry for the purpose of initiating a hard reset.

    use the menu key once you have selected the application to bring up "edit permissions"

    choose "edit permissions" and then change all the properties to "deny" Under OS 4.5 (at least the Rogers version I am running on my T-Mobile 8120) when properties are made more restrictive on some applications, the OS prompts a window that requires the user to "reboot now" or "reboot later"

    My understanding would be that "reboot" = a hard reset. (Though I am just guessing on this one and happy to be corrected)

    Select "reboot now" and off you go!

  12. If you have two tiny and unused programs installed, you can keep changing one to "deny"
    and resetting the other tiny applicatoin to "allow/custom". The next time the device needs to be restarted, you'll have a program set to "allow" that you can change to "deny" and start the process of initiating a hard reset all over again. (The OS won't require a reboot if you make the permissions less restrictive.)

    BTW, the program I first started using for this purpose is "blight", which I bought from the crackberry store. While it isn't so useful as a light (I turn on the "always on" option of the video camera for that purpose, which is brighter) it makes a perfect tiny program for this purpose.

    I look forward to hearing if (1) this does the hard reset we are all looking for and, (2) that it works for others, and under which versions of OS 4.5.

    Good luck!

  13. Finally,, SoftReset itself makes a perfect second program to change permissions on…

  14. Hi, i have the blackberry 8100, 4.2
    will the back light not work for this model?

  15. hi
    does anybody know of a version of softreset for the Storm? I can’t find one anywhere!

  16. The soft reset fix didn’t work for me.Pearl 8130, Alltel,

    I did find an app that does work, QuickPull. It has a scheduling option too.

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