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Review: Windows Live Messenger

bbscreen[214]Review: Windows Live Messenger
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As we have been seeing for the past while, Live Messenger for BlackBerry has been spoken about and made available through certain carriers only. Recently Don Posted on the new links via that there is a new Page for Instant Messaging for SmartPhones, however some users were reporting that they were not seeing this link. This led me to check things out with both my devices, Curve and Pearl, on the issue. Although I could see the link on the Curve, it was not showing on the Pearl. After some link checking I found the page for the download was just being redirected to the link we all know, so I pointed my Pearl Browser to this link and managed to download, install and login.

I will be honest, I am not such a big Live/MSN user anymore and predominantly use GoogleTalk nowadays but I am some some what impressed with this client, it has quite a rich filled GUI, better than I was actually expecting. It has the look and feel of what I have known Live Messenger to be at the Desktop.

I am not going to go in great detail on this Post, as we see that most features are within reason the same across most IM Messaging Clients So I will leave some Screenshots and a few notes, leaving the rest for you to check out 🙂

bbscreen[210] bbscreen[211]

The screenshot’s may not do the Native Client justice but the GUI is rather Clean Cut and all honesty looks better on the larger screen of the Curve.

bbscreen[212] bbscreen[213]

What I have been most impressed with on the newest native IM Clients, is that the Chat History’s can be saved to the local device, either on the Device and Media Card.

You can get Windows Live Messenger here:

Note: There is still an Agreement required between Carrier and RIM to allow for IM Connectivity, from what I know this has to go through a Legal Process. So your carrier may or may not still support this through there BlackBerry APN.

If not known already there are two other Native Clients but unfortunately my carrier does not support them at this time.

bbscreen[133] bbscreen[132]



Maybe these work for you…

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  1. I’m try from my BB ( 8310 , Vodafone Italy ) and web site tell me that my BB is not supported …

    Help Me !

  2. Can anyone confirm that this application works the same way as BB messenger or Google? I’ve heard both conflicting reports that it does and it doesn’t in the sense you still need to go online with your phone to utilize Windows Live.

    Much appreciated if anyone can answer this question.

  3. The problem with this app is that your contacts get a warning that you are on a mobile device and that extra charges may apply. WTF? There is no way to make it look like you are at a pc so I am going back to JiveTalk where your contacts can’t tell if you are at a pc or on a mobile device. Comments?

  4. Post 1: Contact Vodaphone as the Carrier has sign into a Legal Agreement to allow the IM Connection via the BlackBerry APN.

    Post 2: Yes it works in the same fashion via the BlackBerry APN as for GoogleTalk and Yahoo. Service Books can be found on the Device for this connection.

    Post 3: Each unto there own, there are still some Third Party Clients that do the same. One Messagin client is not the be all and end all, You have to use what you prefer, Gotta Love Choice…:)

  5. Ok. I downloded Windows Live AND it WORKS GREAT!!!!!. Althought I tried downloading Yahoo IM from the Mobile BB Site AND it’s suppose too Work for the BB but all I get is..The Handset is Not enabled for yahoo IM? What’s the Deal? How is it MSN Works But NOT Yahoo?

  6. Have you tried

    Do other customers on the same Carrier work with Yahoo and are able to login?
    Are you sure you Carrier supports Yahoo!Messenger for BlackBerry?

  7. I pointed my 8100 pearl browser to that and it says my device “does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Windows Live Messenger”


  8. I’m getting the same response, i just spoke to tmobile they said that it shoudl work…did you manage to fix this?

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