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AT&T Store Manager Bashes The iPhone? Good Laugh

I don’t know how I missed this on Gizmodo yesterday… I know some of you complain when we rant about RIM but this tops the cake. Turns out some AT&T Regional Manager is making our argument for us on how a BlackBerry trumps their flagship iPhone. He wrote up the document as talking points for a store that does not have a stock of iPhones. Its funny because some store kiosk in New Jersey actually decided to hand out this write up he did to all the passerby explaining why they should avoid the iPhone. Below is a small excerpt:


The best part of the whole story is that he actually makes some pretty damn good points. I usually stay out of the iPhone bashing arena since my closest experience is owning an iPod Touch but this guy did a good compilation of the pros and cons. Obviously he is biased but what would you expect from a guy who sat down to write a “10 reasons the iPhone is no BlackBerry” document. Take it with a grain of salt since he also argues for Windows Mobile over the iPhone.

If you want in on a good laugh or you just need some arguing points for your next iPhone vs. BlackBerry debate then head on over to Gizmodo to read all 5 pages of the document.

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  1. No MMS, no video capability, no camera flash and no Flash media support are the top 4 reasons (in order) that I ditched my iPhone after only 4 months and why I now own a BlackBerry. I still don’t have Flash media support, but I do have everything else that iPhone doesn’t.

    I need a phone that does what I need it to do- not just look pretty.

  2. I think the one thing that really surprised me about the iPhone was the lack of Bluetooth headphone support built in. One of it’s primary (if not THE primary) uses is as a media player. Apple never fails to amaze me. My Curve has BT headphone support. Sure, it’s a neat phone, but the things left out of it are deal breakers for me. I would like to have a touch, though. Can’t wait for the Bold.

  3. The funniest part for me is a supposed ATT Store Manager referencing Thunder when talking about voice dial! I guess he’s auditioning for a job to manage a Verizon store…

    And Jerry, if you want touch, you’ll be wanting the Blackberry Thunder, not the Bold.

  4. Yes but Thunder is Blackberry’s iPhone killer and a Berry Fanboy is gonna reference it no matter what carrier it is on.

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