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Review: SplashMoney – Manage Your Personal Accounts With Ease

Review: SplashMoney
[Rating:8] 8/10
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I am a faithful user of the free Jabplite and a faithful “free is always better” thinker. So I was very willing to review SplashMoney when given the chance. I was interested to find out if a “pay” program is better than my “free” program. So I downloaded it and found out a couple of things that would make me reconsider my “free is better” thinking.

Upon download, SplashMoney comes with a few accounts already preset. You are very easily able to delete these accounts and recreate your own. When setting up your accounts, it’ll be very handy to have your account info, such as account numbers and balance to help you along the way. Of course, you can always enter the information in at a later time.

SplashMoney can be password protected which is a plus as your account information has been entered. Heaven forbid you lose or even have your Berry stolen! Once you get past the password protection, you are able to see your accounts listed in alphabetical order. Hit “menu” and you have the ability to create, edit, or delete accounts.

You can make transfers between accounts, which helps when transferring money from a checking to a savings account or a checking to a credit card account. For all you die-hard bookkeepers and checkbook balancers, you also have the ability to create reports and make budgets. In this menu, you can even set up your accounts to automatically pull information from your banks. Although this function is limited to preapproved banks. Bank of America, Citibank and Washington Mutual are popular banks that are not preapproved.

Click an account and you will see detailed transaction information consisting of the date of transaction, payee and payment amount. From here, you can reconcile, or even purge transactions to keep your memory open. Your account balance is listed on the bottom of the screen.

If you click on the “manage” you can add new payees, categories, classes, currencies, transactions types and scheduled transactions. Here you can also access functions to make SplashMoney more secure according to your tastes.

After playing with SplashMoney for a bit, I have found it to be a very indispensable program. The ability to reconcile with my online accounts would’ve been an awesome addition to the program had my bank been on the list. Too bad there isn’t a way to have them added or to add them yourself. In the end I’ve decided that in this case, a pay program is way better than a free program!

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  1. no mention of how slow this app runs on a Curve really makes me question BerryReview’s reviewing process. not very independent if you ask me. app runs slow, especially if you have some decent levels of transactions (users that have used SplashMoney for a while would!). app is designed for click-wheel BB’s, as evidenced by the unintuitive experience you get when using it for the first time. contact the developer and team and you will get confirmation that that is the case indeed – because they have limited BB coding skills. that is also the reason it took them years to bring a SplashMoney product to the BB world. if you question anything or bring up flaws in the product on their forum, they will ban you without an explanation. real quality people if you ask me. this app sucks.

  2. If the app is running slow because of high levels of transactions, the normal user would know to purge old transactions. Not many people are too concerned with old information that take place after a physical paper statement has been printed. This app was tested on an 8120 and it ran fine. Was not slow. This was an independent test based solely on the comparison of Jabplite and SplashMoney. User opinions may vary upon unbiased trial and usage.

  3. bottom line is is slow compared to Ascendo Money, the unquestioned leader in personal finance on the BB. its even slower because of the clicks needed (constant need to hit BB button instead of the trackball due to lack of adhering to unwritten BB ui guidelines that every other major app consistently adheres to) to navigate from account screen to transactions, from transactions to edit a transaction. no easy way to change transaction status w/out going into it and editing individually. this is in no way comparable to the fantastic app they put out for the Palm OS for years….

    just to show you how warped the though process is over at SplashMoney (ie- Justin)…. they have publicly stated that coding for BB and subsequent app that is developed will always be “a step back from the Palm OS”. i am absolutely ROTFLMAO. what a moron. apparently they just have no clue. their Palm app was phenomenal. their BB app is just sad.

    btw – i have 7 years experience w/ SplashMoney (4 years on Palm, 3 years on desktop alone). not just a random user opinion.

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