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PictureID 1.1 Released – Full Screen Caller ID

Danny, at ToySoft, has let me know that they have announced a new version of their full screen caller ID application: PictureID. We talked about this application when it was first released. PictureID is a great little program that replaces the standard “incoming call screen” with a full sized image of your choice. Version 1.1 touts many new and improved features over 1.0. The most noticeable change however has come in how PictureID handles the images you are going to use. The application now automatically resizes the images to fit the screen. They have also added thumbnail support in the browser, along with a handy “preview image” menu option, no more guess and checking!

This application keeps getting better and better, and for the price $9.95 there isn’t a better full screen caller ID application out there. From what I have been told, they are already working on some cool new features for version 1.2 (animated caller ID perhaps?) Keep up the great work.


Which would you rather see?

PictureID PictureID2

PictureID3 PictureID4

No need to worry about shelling out 10 bucks without using it first, ToySoft has made the product available for trial. With the trial version you can use the program for 7 days and add up to 3 custom picture ID’s. Click here to download the trial or purchase the software.

****Look for a full review on PictureID tomorrow!****

From the Change Log

  • Added support for SD card pictures
  • Added thumbnail support in the Browser and on the main screen
  • Added preview picture in the Browser screen
  • Added Resize to fit screen checkbox in the Preferences. If the picture is larger than the physical screen size then PictureID will resize to fit the screen when displaying the caller picture
  • Added Enable thumbnail preview checkbox in the Preferences
  • Added picture thumbnail when you edit or create a new pictureID
  • Added support for call waiting. Picture will now be displayed
  • Added Delete Thumbnail cache to the main screen menu
  • Modified the Global PictureID. If you do not assign a a picture then the
    default call screen will be used
  • Modified the file browser. Thumbnails are now cached. If you do not want
    the cache then go to the Preferences and uncheck “Enable thumbnail preview” the thumbnail uses main memory. If you low on memory then don’t use this feature
  • Fixed the bug when doing a contact lookup. Before the phone numbers with spaces were incorrectly validated.
  • Fixed the bug for call waiting. Before when you hung up the second call the first call was terminated

Read more at ToySoft’s Website

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  1. I’m having a problem with this new version….when I answer a phone call, i’m connected to the person and almost immediately, my phone hangs up. I’m using this on a Sprint Curve 8330 running OS 4.5. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. I have an 8330 from Verizon. In on os
    So far it works smoothly. Have not had any problems.

  3. I like to say that it works on my 8130 pearl.It would be nice to see if they would incorporated with your address book because you already have number and pics. I find it a little of a pain to program all your contacts again.

  4. the only way with the current version is to select Lookup contact to get the name and numbers of a contact to add.

    the picture in the contact is useless because it is not full screen. it wouldnt make any sense to get the pic.

    but i agreed that there should be a import contact feature. current PicID only allows 256 picIDs.

  5. Sounds like I need to await an upgraded version then before I try it. I guess I had the impression it somehow integrated with the BB contacts, not had its OWN contacts list. That’s not very user friendly at all but if its an OS limitation just one more thing RIM should look into opening up. And only 256 contacts? I have close to 700 now, with at least half having 3 or more phone numbers.

  6. how many of the 700 contacts call you regularly? I can’t imagine me having that many friends 😉

  7. Business, personal, and side job (volunteer fire). Most don’t call me often, true, most I communicate with the data means, so I guess 256 limit isn’t so bad as long as there’s a default for all the others.

  8. you only add pictureID for people that you regularly communicate with eg: friends, co-workers.

    People that are not in your picID list you can assign a global picture or just default to the normal phone call screen.

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