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OS For 8120 & 8320 OFFICIALLY Released

Bruce just let me know about this thread on PinStack. Turns out that Constantine found out that Orange UK has released an official version of OS for the BlackBerry 8120 & 8320. The package version is but the application version is


You can pick it up at this link. Nice catch Constantine! Don’t forget to delete the Vendor.xml file.

If you have never installed a new OS on your BlackBerry before I would recommend checking out Al Sacco’s recent post on CrackBerry detailing how to upgrade your BlackBerry OS.

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  1. If I download it, will it be installable on my 8320 which has different carrier? I am not on orange.

  2. Will MyFave from T-Mobile work with this upgrade?

  3. If the file actually contains all the vendors you should be ok. I remember when I used 4.2.2 that there was a way on my T-Mo 8320 to unlock via the vendor.xml file the other vendor’s themes. I could make my T-Mo 8320 look like an AT&T or Vodafone (can’t remember if Orange was there). Can anyone give a better answer for this? I read a lot that poeple delete the vendor.xml file. Why is that again?

  4. Anser, just delete the vendor.xml file, it is the easiest way to do it to be honest.

    Antonio, simply, no. The T-Mo myfave app is strictly a T-Mobile app and has not been properly implemented BY T-Mo to work with 4.5 yet, when T-Mo has their official release, the app will (well should) work.

    Good Luck Guys.


  5. over 8100 had an issue on camera…everything is black… someone has checked over 8120?

  6. has anyone used this upgrade yet on there tmo 8320 ? is there any issues with memory leak or other functions not working correctly as they were in the beta release of this particular version ?

  7. If anyone with a T-Mo 8320 installs this, please report in. It seems there are a lot of us about to try it. I already installed the version from a week or so ago, which I must say wasn’t as good as the .46 I had before. I hope this “official” release of .52 will fix some issues.

  8. Well no one else wrote in so I did a backup and went to see what happens. I already had, so this caused no change on my T-Mo 8320. I still prefer .46

  9. Has anyone tried this official release? Have they fixed the sound volume issue?

  10. Is it still up? Went to the link, but the OS is not 4.5..? Just wondering if they pulled it or I’m blind..

  11. Crap I need a seeing eye dog….

  12. I’m on a Tmo Curve and I did the update.. so far no problems w/ my favs or anything else that i can see. I did delet the vendor xml file.

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