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MyMileageGenie – Track Your Mileage Using GPS

mileage Now this is a new twist on using the GPS in your BlackBerry. MyMileageGenie from Converge Wireless lets you track your work mileage using the GPS built into your BlackBerry. You simply tell it when to start and stop tracking and it logs all the information to your BlackBerry. Then once a month you can email yourself the information.

Pretty cool if you find yourself logging the mileage for work every day. I can see this being more useful for companies to deploy to their workers over BES. Still the high $59.95 price tag will deter most people from this application.

You can read more and pick up the application at this link.

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  1. I thought that Google opened up the “My Location” feature on non-GPS phones to 3rd party apps, so why can’t I use a app like this on my 8320?

  2. Actually, MyMileageGenie is designed to deploy through BES. The user would then have it set to automatically send mileage reports in excel spreadsheet to the bookkeeper/admin staff once a month for reimbursment. It is very cool.

  3. This would be a nice addition to my BB if the price dropped. Dramatically.

  4. I think the big difference is simple. I have been in sales for 25 years. I have never kept accurate track of my mileage (maybe when I was younger). The fact is that it has always been painful ( have to guess at my mileage, enter who I met with etc.). Now I just Punch In and Punch Out and send my expense report right from the device.

  5. Yeah this is all about convenience. Seems to work quite well

  6. I think it works on BIS just fine, since I have no problem using it on my Vodafone BIS device. The reporting is quite elaborate, even calculating profit and loss for the work I’m doing 🙂

  7. The reporting is great. I can have my expenses done in no time. I enter who I met with that day in the comments section (after I punch out), and my mileage expense reports are complete. You should also try MyFormsGenie. It comes with a standard “Monthly Expense” form already built. I use this form to manage both my personal and business expenses. I send myself a report at the end of the month create a business expense form using excel and my book keeper uses this to go through my Visa, Amex, and Mastercard bills. It saves time and money!

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