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My BlackBerry Curve Can Run On Empty, Can Yours?

We have been a bit serious recently so I thought I would liven things up with a bit of non-news. Today was another one of those days where I wore my battery down in less than 12 hours. I remember that back when I had OS 4.2 on my Curve it would shut off the radio at some point between 10–20% battery life. I always thought that it was a pointless feature since sometimes I really needed the radio and could not turn it back on due to the battery constraint.


Turns out that OS 4.5 improves on this point. As you can see above my Curve can run on 0% battery. Pretty impressive! I wonder if there is some sort of reserve tank… I also found that OS 4.5 turns off your wireless connection only when you get to 0% battery life. Until then it was running strong.

What have your experiences been? You will also notice that after being on for 2 days my available memory shrunk from 14Mb to 3Mb. Damn memory leak…

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  1. there is no significant memory leak. that’s viigo causing your memory shortage. viigo keeps downloading updates to feeds in the background, wildly bloating out of control in a single day, depending on what feeds you’re subscribed to and how often they pump out news.

    dont believe me? remove viigo for a couple of days and watch your memory stabilize.

    i dont use viigo or any RSS reader that allows offline viewing because i know it will bloat. i dont know if viigo is advanced enough to have a setting to control the cache, but if it does, i’d try adjusting your maximum cache level for viigo.

  2. scratch the last part i said… viigo has a problem with OS 4.5 and is not able to dump its cache. works fine on 4.2.2, but is not fully compatible with 4.5.

    but then again, most older apps wont be fully compatible with 4.5 and will need updates. that’s supposed to be a given.

  3. i love the new “feature” in 4.5.
    i didnt realize it until you mentioned it,but it does allow u to use the device allllllll the way to the last drop
    even thou i am a bit weary about doing that again while on jive talk
    i was in the middle of a deep conversation and the battery died on me , wen i plugged the juice back in, the device “reset” itself, had to re-install the entire os. lol

  4. I never let my battery get that low since I have the UBB cable at work, the car charge in the car, and two home chargers (wife also has a Curve). However on the Memory issue, Yes! the memory leak has not been fixed. I did get a lot more memory free from upgrading to 4.5 however. I usually could get now higher than 10MB with all my apps under 4.2.2, but with the same apps under I have up to 14MB free. The total MBs however is missing from my Status screen. I can only see how much free there is, but never the total. If Ronen has this on his OS 4.5, then why don’t I? Weird!


    I can’t get any radio to work worth carp on my 8310 w/Edge.

  6. Oh…. microwaves…

  7. This is great news!!! 😛 I’ll never forget when I took one small trip, took lots of pictures and, at sunset, couldn’t make a couple of calls because I was at 15% and the radio turned off. But I could come back home listening to MP3 for 3 hours! So I had enough juice for more than 3 hours of MP3 but didn’t have it for a couple of calls? Come on! I was mad at the Blackberry for managing my priorities in my place and doing such a lousy job of it.

  8. Anyone know why the media player freezes up when playing videos… It won’t even allow me to see the menu screen for the media player and when I try to back out i see part of the video screen on the main screen… Darn glitch!

  9. how do you set the phone to keep the radio on till zero percent? mine usually turns off at 5%

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