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Free Blueroom Theme For 8300 & 8800 With OS 4.5

M.a.t at Just release a theme called The Blueroom. The theme is made to look like a blue room with some very nice looking icons. The Theme is made in a way that makes you feel like you are in a room with a dark blue wall and a wooden floor. The focus of the icons is made to look like it is level with the floor .

M.a.t released a version for each one of your depending on which style you like, a Bottom Zen, L Style and a Today plus. The graphics look very sharp and organize. As you would expect from a graphics designer. Here are some screen shots for you to see for your self.

With me being a fan of the today and bottom Zen I have go with the today plus them but each one of them look greats. What I like the most is how he made the today plus theme icons look as if they are sitting on each floor level.

This theme is made to work on OS 4.5 but depending on your OS and carrier some of the icons may not show up. This is because those icons are pre-arranged that way and if you don’t have or use that certain icon then it won’t show up on your screen. I just have seen many people confused about why the theme does not always look like the screenshots above.  You can pick up these themes free over at Thanks M.A.T for these awesome themes keep up the good work.

The themes must be installed OTA since there are no zip files. You can install the theme directly OTA to your BlackBerry using the links below:

Bottom Zen –   Today Plus – and L Style

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  1. I wish more theme creators made more of these types of Today Plus’…
    Don’t get me wrong BB had the right idea with the original but having the Today plus a Zen on the bottom on one page really looks sleek!

  2. I really like the Today Plus as well. The only drawback the preset icons at the bottom. With AT&T the second is blank. Otherwise.. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. “I really like the Today Plus as well. The only drawback the preset icons at the bottom. With AT&T the second is blank. Otherwise.. BEAUTIFUL!”

    You have SMS and email inboxes combined that’s why the second icon sms/mms is missing. If you go to your messages and choose options > general options > set SMS and Email Inboxes to Separate the icon will show up.

    Thanks for reviewing the theme BerryReview!


  4. I am bummed. I LOVE the L theme, nobody else is making L themes for some reason. But it’s all jacked up on the 8310 with ATT. Missing icon, the scroll nav functions all crazy, and I cant seam to rearrange what icons go on the L.

  5. Love this theme… If anyone can find more today plus themes, please pin me with info.. My pin is 247737ef
    Thanks alot

  6. here is a link to one of my own creations of Today plus themes

  7. I love this theme…cept for one issue 🙁

    The date on my screen is reading: Wed. Jul 2…
    instead of Wed. Jul 23

    It’s cutting off the 2nd date I have a 1 in 10 guess at what day it really is hahaha

  8. I love this themes,but i can not download it by OTA,could please make a zip files?my emial :[email protected]

  9. Please visit for that as we are not the makers of these theme sorry we can not help you with that. The maker of that theme is m.a.t.t.s

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