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BlackBerry OTA Downloader – Download OTA Installation Files To Your Computer Free

Stefano sent me a link to this software announcement on PinStack that can really help quite a few people. If you have ever been stuck not being able to do an installation OTA this software will help. It will also help users who are on a limited data plan or don’t have a data plan to download applications that only offered OTA installation. It is also useful for backing up those installation files so that if the vendor pulls them you still have a local copy.

All you do is tell the application the URL to the OTA installation and it will download all the supporting files. This means that you will get the JAR, JAD, & COD files you need to do a local installation.

Its as simple as what you see below. You then copy those files onto your devices memory card or main memory and open up the media application. You then click the menu button and "explore" and click on the JAD file to install.


Head on over to this link to download the software free:

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  1. I’m going to post my SAME sentiments that I posted on BlackBerryForums.

    This is a disaster to theme builders that want to retain some sort of ownership of their themes. Some of us theme makers only want our themes published on certain websites. With this “tool”, a LEACHER will be able to steal all the files with little or no effort and repost them on their own server. This will also include PREMIUM THEMES!

    And its little suprise who put this software out. The owner of that site also owns 2 other sites that steal themes from legitimate sites and reposts them as their own…without giving ANY credit to the original theme designer.

    UN REAL….

  2. does anyone have the direct link to downloading google maps or nav4all OTA using this program?

  3. I’m going to echo my sentiments on this piece of software that I wrote on BlackBerryForums…

    This is a SHAME! This is the worst piece of software that could ever been written. Sure, there could be some good out of this…but I know…mark my words…that this will be used to “STEAL/LEACH” themes from websites and repost on sites they do not belong on.

    As a themer, I find this disgusting. The person that posted this on the original webiste also owns 2 other sites that post themes without the permission of the author. We tried to combat the stealing of themes by posting them as OTA only, but I can see now that they will extract the OTA files and repost them.

    What would stop them from extracting a PREMIUM theme and reposting it on another site for FREE? Who is going to police that? Especially since the sites are foreign based!

    This is a sad day for themers….

  4. OMG its already happening..

    check out this link..

    Check out the ZIP file for the theme…it actually contains the OTA files….

  5. I get your point Steve and I agree…this app could be abused for sure..their is no doubt abt that…but the theme you used as an example…is a free theme anyways.

  6. That is correct, as 95% of the themes posted anywhere are free…BUT…some people only post on certain sites. That guy that is hosting the LEACHED themes is making money (via advertising hits) from FREE themes that were posted elsewhere for FREE.

  7. I agree with Steve. When I first read about this software program earlier today, I just shook my head and said, “Well there goes all the hard work and preventative efforts theme builders (and BlackBerry software developers) have taken in order to maintain control over how their themes are distributed.” And lets just forget about developers receiving fair compensation and credit for their contributions to the BlackBerry community when this program gets abused (as Steve exemplified above, where they don’t even credit Jason for his theme).
    It’s stuff like this that has good theme builders like Garys11 throwing in the towel when it comes to making and posting themes for BB users for free. I too, have put restrictions on the amount of free themes I make available to the public; all because I’ve been burned one to many times by theme piracy.
    It’s just a shame…

  8. This is only going to hurt the average Joe that doesn’t want to or know how to make themes. Free themes or themes that aren’t watermarked to hell and back are going to be a thing of the past.

  9. this is awesome software of what I had been looking for! many thanks for save my painful ass from alx files! Because I am against alx files. 😀

  10. It is obvious that Steven is correct. This will do nothing but open the door for further re-posting. Only the Premium themes use one time OTA links. Any free theme will be open to re-posting without the due credit to the true author. It is a shame that such a useful tool cannot be placed in the correct hands, FTP site owners, and others who need to test OTA links; without this being used for darker purposes. I know that Berry Review had no intention to cause this but I fear the cat is out of the bag already.

  11. I get your point Steve and I agree…this app could be abused for sure..their is no doubt abt that…but the theme you used as an example…is a free theme anyways.

  12. How silly for some people to get upset over this! You can easily do the same exact thing with firefox and I don’t hear people complaining about it. All you have to know is the url for the jad and you can use your browser to download the cod files. Bam you have your backup and your free to distibute or save as you wish.

  13. Brandy is right. I am so sick and tried of people stealing my themes re-posting them on other sites without my permission or giving me any credit whatsoever and now with this program we are really in trouble, us theme makers are really going to be ripped off. I just like to know why people enjoy stealing from us.
    This is why my theme making days are over…

    • Believe you me… I don’t stealing and reposting, but hey at the prices you guys chrage for those darn themes I can see why people would look for “free bb themes”…. Just saying everyone is mooched off of, since you all have the latest and greatest ofcourse people will mooche!.. der

  14. Steve your a cry baby!

  15. Here’s a suggestion plaster your name all over the theme (Homescreen, icon screen, call screen, and lock screen) that way you get your credit, Cry Babys’! HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA

  16. Grow a pair and post your real name and email address.

    If you are not a theme developer and have never had a theme stolen, then your opionion of me doesn’t matter.

    Apparently you cannot read the other replies..echoing my senitments.

  17. I only use this program to get themes because I dont have a data plan and it gives me access to some great themes I would other wise miss out on. I DO NOT REPOST other peoples stuff (Case in point the AMAZING pimpmyberry storm theme), Thats right I got it before I was Banned and you know what I did with it??? Installed it, deleted all cod’s and the .jad from my desktop and ive been enjoying it ever since! So who ever developed this program, THANK you from an honest (and yes sometime sarcastic) person.

  18. This is great. Now I can make some serious money. To all you theme builders here i come. You are about to be hustled by the internet mobster.

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