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RingtoneStudio – Create Ringtones On Your Mac

Stefano sent me a link to this press release from PocketMac. Turns out they just released a commercial ringtone creator for Mac users. Windows users have quite a few some of which are even free. On the other hand $14.95 is not much to pay when you consider how much 1 ringtone would cost from your carrier.

RingtonestudioThe software is very simple and lets you choose any 30 seconds to create a ringtone from. It can even take sound out of a movie. This should make it simple enough for every Mac user to create a ringtone on their own.

You can check out RingtoneStudio on the PocketMac website. It is available for $14.95 at this link or you can even watch a YouTube video demonstration. They were even nice enough to throw in a free 15 day trial on the product page.

On a side note I always hate when vendors like PocketMac charge you an extra $4.99 or so for a “download protection” service. I hate to point the finger at them since they are not the only ones at fault but it just happened to bring it to mind.

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  1. I would just recommend firing up garageband and dropping your track in there cut it down to size and exporting as an mp3.

    For sounds from a movie, if you have a .mov file, open imovie and export the audio only, no video. Just in case you don’t want to spend money for a ‘ringtone maker.’

  2. Portorikan,
    As you can tell I am Mac illiterate. Greg and Remzi are the Mac heads at BerryReview. 🙂

    Any chance you want to write up a quick “how to use garage band to create a ringtone free.” I know there are quite a few readers who would be interested.

  3. I think that I might have to give this product a try I am a mac lover and I really would like to see what it can do but there are also websites u can use to do it for free so y not just go there right

  4. or simply use itunes…select the length…then convert it to mp3..

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