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Review: Vegas Pool Sharks

Pool6Review: Vegas Pool Sharks for BlackBerry
[rating:8] 8/10

Developer: RESETgame
Cost: $14.95 (Trial available)

Steve Berghorn: The folks at RESETgame gave us the opportunity to try out some of their new games. I am not much of a game guy but decided to give Vegas Pool Sharks a whirl. I have to say I have become a bit addicted to it… my daughter Sam has as well. She gives it a big thumbs up !!

Overall I think the game is pretty good. It can be a bit choppy at times, especially during the breaks, but usually it is pretty smooth. Graphics are average. The sound effects are tremendous. They really make the game for me. My favorite game is Eight Ball but you can play Straight Pool as well.


Game play is very easy. Setting up your shots is a breeze either by using the track ball or by using the number keys. The number 2 key (in QWERTY phones) progressively changes focus to higher number balls. The 8 key does the opposite. The 4 and 6 keys fine tune the direction you’re aiming at. 1 and 7 zoom in and out. 3 and 9 adjust your viewing angle. The game sets you up initially very well, usually just a few slight adjustments are necessary to make a shot.


Game difficulty is determined by your opponent. You basically play for money so the better your opponent the more money you win or lose. I have grown attached to Shirly mainly because she is the easiest and she reminds me of one of those hot chicks from back in the 70s. She looks like she guest starred on The Love Boat or Fantasy Island :-). Ahh those were the days…. ;-). The other opponents can be quite tough but they all have their own personalities and facial expressions. Each of them is entertaining in their own way. Vegas Pool Sharks is a great way to pass the time if you actually have time to pass.

But maybe you would like to hear a second opinion. BerryReview has many reviewers… 🙂

Luciano ES: I also have been playing with Vegas Pool Sharks and become quite addicted too! The thing really looks and behaves a lot like actual pool. I have to agree with everything that Steve said except that I had a lot more trouble with the choppiness. Until a few days ago, I was running OS 4.2 and had a couple of applications running in background. Maybe one of these things or the whole combination caused me problems. I never could play any more than one round without getting a lot of choppiness and the hourglass whirling. The third round was already impossible. Once I had the game frozen with the hourglass turning for more than 3 minutes! One could argue that the two or three applications I had running in background were the culprit, but I’d never had that problem with any other application, even games. Strangely, I upgraded to OS 4.5 and the problem is gone almost completely although I no longer have those applications running in background to be really sure. There still is a little bit of choppiness, but very little. Little enough to be tolerable. So you might run into this problem or not. Either way, maybe RESET should take another look at that problem.

Another thing that didn’t please me very much was playing against the virtual opponents. Shirly is a lot of fun at first, especially when she misses and/or loses and gets angry! 🙂 But she is too weak an opponent and gets old quickly, while the others tend to be annoyingly difficult, enough to cause me more frustration than challenge and entertainment. Shemp is rather creepy, by the way. 😕 Honestly, I didn’t enjoy playing against the virtual opponents. I ended up getting addicted to the practice mode whereby I play against myself.

All in all, a very enjoyable game. Addictive! I just wish I could play snooker… 😉


Pros: Very easy to play, easy shot setup; realistic feel.

Cons: Choppy at times; Eight Ball and Straight Pool are the only variations available.

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  1. I like pool but come on now there’s no way I would pay $14.95 for it I really don’t see the point in speanding all that money for just one game

  2. @Austin
    I agree. There has been a steady trend where games for BlackBerry started going from $6-$7 to a high $15-$20. We try to review the game more than the price but I do agree that $15 is a bit much for a pool game.

  3. That is very true u do make a really good point there and I did play the trial for it and I am debatin weather or not to spead the mony to get it which I prolly will get it cause of the trial I played on it was amazing

  4. Thanks for the review.

    We will look into the issues you found.

    What do you think is a fair price for this game?

  5. Me personally I think that around $7 will be a good price for one good reason for u guys we both know even at $7 you will still make a good profit and more people will look more into it with a $7 price tag instead of a $15 one u have a really good product here now enhance by lowerin the price so more people will be able to enjoy it cause you are prolly only getin about 30 percentof your buyers why not get the othe 70 rite

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