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FAQ: Get Verizon To Unlock Your 8830 For International SIM Cards

Paul sent in a great detailed description on how to get Verizon to unlock the GSM portion of your BlackBerry 8830 worldphone FREE. This is not really news since I have heard of people doing this successfully for quite awhile but Paul actually detailed the steps. If you do unlock your phone using this method you will then be able to put in another carriers international SIM card while you are out of the US. That way you can purchase a pay as you go SIM card while your traveling and avoid ridiculously high international rates.Verizonsimcard

From Paul:

So i did this awhile ago to unlock my VZW 8830 World Edition and wanted to pass it on to other VZW users because its AWESOME and best of all free. To unlock your VZW 8830 there are only a few steps.

1) Call Verizon Global support at the following number 1-908-559-4899.
2) Get on the line with a rep and tell them something along the lines of, you are going on a trip to Europe and want to unlock your phone so you can use a foreign SIM card.
3) The VZW rep will take down your info and will Fedex 2nd day you a VZW/Vodafone SIM card (100% free) and instruct you to call back upon receiving the card to receive your unlock code.
4) You get the card and call back and they generate an unlock code and walk you through the unlocking process (also 100% free).
5) Once unlocked you can remove the VZW/Vodaphone SIM card and put in any other international carriers SIM card.

It worked for me! You don’t pay a dime, and there is NO hassle from the VZW rep. It feels good to stick it to VZW every now and then. Feel free to test it out yourself, and this also may deter those from buying marked up unlocked phones for VZW.

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  1. How does this affect the worldwide BlackBerry data feature that is available on the device?

  2. Interesting.
    Vodafone Portugal charges.. 100€…

  3. You can do this with *any* SIM card. Just pop in an old/borrowed/outdated SIM and have the CSR walk you through the unlock steps.

    Unless you have absolutely NO access to a SIM card, it seems a little frivolous to have Verizon FedEx something that you’re going to chuck in the trash an hour later.

  4. Frivolous? Are you serious? I have absolutely NO QUALMS with asking Verizon to send me this SIM card after 15 years of being nickled and dimed for every little thing. I actually asked regular customer support how to use my phone overseas and they told me I must BUY this SIM for $39.99 plus Vodafone’s roaming charges once I used it.
    I will give this method a shot, but will have to wait until I get back home from San Diego.

  5. well i called them and they stated that i have 2 go to the store and get an sim card wat did you tell them and did u tell the number of the other ohone or the 8830 m

  6. Use any sim card and it will work to unlock. They will give you the bs about not being liable and yadada. I just did it

  7. I called in, with VZW/Vodafone sim card in hand, and the rep said they aren’t in the practice of giving out unlock codes. I told him that I had a friend who had done it before but he wouldn’t budge.

    What gives?

  8. Does this only work for 8830? I heard Verizon got a few other World Phone. Did anyone try other ones?

  9. It worked. The Verizon tech talked me through the procedure, and my Blackberry 8830 was unlocked instantly.

  10. If Verizon tells you there "not in the habbit of giving out unlock codes" you might want to remind them that it is ILLEGAL to not give out the unlock code to ANY PHONE as long as you have had the phone for 60 days and your account is in good standing. Let me say it again… THEY MUST GIVE YOU THE UNLOCK CODE… ITS ILLEGAL TO NOT PROVIDE THE UNLOCK CODE OF ANY CELL PHONE THROUGH ANY PROVIDER.

  11. yeah if you call after global support closes they will give you the runaround, because it will route you to someone who is not from global support and they will have no idea whats going on.

  12. hey can one of you whos already been through the procedure just post what the tech told you to do to unlock the phone

  13. @Abshir:
    You have to call in. They give you a code to enter that is specific to the serial number of your device. Nobody else can give you the unlock code but Verizon.

  14. @David
    What words should I use If i dont i have service with Verizon, I only have the phone but I have a tmobile sim card im trying to get it work with

  15. Are you trying to use this on TMO USA? If so, won’t work. Doesn’t have USA radio frequencies. If not, sorry, can’t help. All the instructions are for Verizon customers to be able to use a SIM overseas (Europe, etc.) That isn’t the Verizon provided SIM (probably vodafone service since Voda owns a big chunk of Verizon Wireless). I supposed you could just call and explain your situation and what you are trying to accomplish, and see what shakes out.

    To be honest, I think you are just frustrating yourself tring to get a primarily CDMA device to work fully on GSM. Seriously, sell it and buy a device designed to operate on whatever network it is you intend to use.

    • Had no problem getting my 8830 unlocked by Ver, but proceedure is usless. Can use phone with Chinese Mobile sim card but cannot get data here in China with just a prepaid sim card. Would need to carry 2 phones -1 8830 with Ver sim card and another cheap Mot with chinese sim card. Any ideas

  16. If I unlock the 8830 and use a SIM card from another provider, will I still be able to use Blackberry Messenger?

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