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RIM Finally Getting Serious With Their Support Forums

Slowly RIM has finally been getting with the program. For years they had support forums that looked like 1990-era bulletin boards. This year they finally stepped up to the plate and launched their own support forums. They now seem to be officially phasing out their old support forums because RIM support is now directing everyone to the new support forums at:

When RIM first launched their support forums they were missing simple features. For example having a developer forum where developers could not copy and paste code. RIM has finally allowed developers to paste code inside a thread which is a big step forward.

RIM also fixed the annoying issue where some URL’s would get mangled by their forum software. I am sure users will appreciate the changes.

From what I hear RIM is dedicated to putting more of their own representation in the forum. This will be a welcome reprieve compared to the RIM suggestions box that nobody reads.

Don’t forget that the forums are also accessible from your BlackBerry by using this ridiculously hard to remember URL: (mind you there is no link to it in the menu)

I guess RIM cant be bothered to create a homescreen shortcut for themselves…

On a side note check out RIM’s new knowledgebase search from your BlackBerry. More on that later…

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  1. I have been a bb user for a long time now. One thing for sure is however many apps are released and however many functionalities are released by RIM, unless they increase the memory on the BB’s or allow for applications to be installed on the expansion memory, there is now way to compete.

    It is so frustrating sometimes, with all the apps out there, you are so handicapped or restricted to install just a few of them, or else you will always end up seeing, 0 BYTES free.

    What do others have to say about this?

  2. @Nowfal:
    Regarding the 0 BYTES FREE, the evidence across the net is that RIM has a well established memory leak in the OS somewhere. There are lots of steps you can take to increase how much free RAM you start with, but the leak will EVENTUALLY hit you. The only true temporary solution to the leak is a battery pull reset. Even the various OS 4.5 betas posted about still seem to have the leak in varying levels. Crappy as it is, you have to figure out based on your usage patterns and applications load how often it affects you, and get yourself in the habit of doing a battery pull reset often enough to alleviate the leak causing things (call logs, messages, etc.) to be deleted to free up RAM. For some like me (8830) that’s daily. For others like my wife (8130) that’s weekly. For you???
    Concur RIM needs to get off the ball though and put more RAM in their devices. The current crop of 8xxx devices is WAY behind where RIM should have been when they were released. The Blackberry Bold with it’s 1GB of internal RAM is the first real step RIM has made in that direction. Memory isn’t cheap though, and Apple has done a good job locking up supplies for their own use. The Micron RAM plant here in my city told me a year ago that every chip they produce for the next 3 years had already been pre-allocated to Apple, and it would take them at least 18 months to bring another fab on line to make chips for anyone else.

  3. The forums are great, but I like to see what’s being posted using an RSS feed and Google Reader or Viigo on my BlackBerry.

    When I asked if the site had a single feed for all the forums, I was told no – only 18 individual feeds were available.

    Long story short – I compiled all 18 feeds into a single feed using Yahoo! Pipes ( You can see the Pipe and subscribe to its RSS output here:

    The post on the forum is here:


  4. Wheres the FacebookIM support?

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