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Homescreen Shortcuts As A Service?

I really wish RIM would give up the farce already and let us create our own homescreen shortcuts. Until that date I got a very interesting offer from Sibion who is offering to create 15 free shortcuts for the first posts on BlackBerryForums. These shortcuts will be signed with a certificate so they should work fine.

BerryreviewhomescreeniconIf you have a shortcut you really wanted I would recommend submitting it on the forum. It looks like Sibion is setting up shortcuts as a sort of service. At the top of the forum post he asks readers how much they would be willing to pay for a custom homescreen shortcut. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

On a side note I really wish RIM would just get with the program. Just as an example, the iPhone lets you create homescreen shortcuts from any webpage. Its not like it is rocket science or anything. Even something as simple as a form that you enter in a URL and it creates a shortcut would be just peachy.

Don’t forget you can always pick up the BerryReview homescreen shortcut free at this link.

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  1. Hmmm…wondering out loud here…If RIM finally DID put this into an OS release, I wonder if carriers would be able to prevent it’s use? You know, someone like a Verizon trotting out the old tired “security and privacy of our customers” line???
    It IS silly that we can’t just DO this now though. You have to wonder if RIM has ANYONE that feeds device OS development with input on things users would really like to have and would improve the overall Blackberry experience? I know I personally have sent a half dozen or more things to the customer suggestions inbox at RIM, and there isn’t even an auto-response that says “we’ve received your input and will evaluate it”. What black hole those suggestions go into (even though I have been told by different RIM support agents on two different occasions to do so) is anyone’s guess.

  2. i’m really glad this is available for those who need it…. BUT why wouldn’t most individuals just put together a simple mobile web site that has every link you want. shortcuts take up icon real estate and are a waste of time because they have to re-launch the browser entirely every single time.

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