Commercial Dark Forest Dock Bottom Theme For 8300

Larry has just released another theme for the 8300 that really caught my eye. With this new theme you have a whole new meaning to going green. I had a chance to install it on my 8310 and loved the look. The top bar looks very neat and clean with a slick battery meter. The icons are very down to earth and fit the theme perfectly. The bottom dock style is a matter of preference but it is essentially just a horizontal Zen theme. Personally I was not the biggest fan of the shade of green used in the pop up boxes and the call screen. Otherwise a nice theme for the tree hugger inside some of us.

You can pick it up in the store for $6.99

Dark Forest Dock Bottom HomeDark Forest Dock Bottom Apps

Dark Forest Dock Bottom MenuDark Forest Dock Bottom Call

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  1. I just love how people can take advantage of the Beta software and release “premium” themes. What is so “premium” about this theme? Custom Icons that the author states “do not use commercially..” on his site?
    Or the fact that its a bottom zen and only those with the Beta can make those?
    At least the folks at BlueRoomSolution release their beta themes for FREE.

  2. Most of my themes start out as free themes on Selected themes may or may not move to the Premium status. This is not determined by the format of the theme in any way. It is based entirely on whether they meet my standards for a commercial theme and if I feel that there is a broad enough appeal. All of my commercial themes are tested by me in day to day use, not just on the simulators. This testing and the amount of attention to detail is what determines a commercial theme. As far as the icons are concerned, they were inspired by the Buuf Icons available by Googling Buuf Icons, which clearly states that they are free for distribution. They were extensively edited for use in this theme.

    I am Larry, I like the way you are willing to take no credit for this comment.

  3. Most of my themes are available for free at Some may or may not move to the status of Premium. This decision is not based upon the format of the theme. Rather it is based on thorough testing in day to day use, not just on a simulator and whether or not the theme has a broad appeal.

    As far as the icons are concerned, they were inspired by the Buff series and were extensively edited and sized to fit this theme. They are available to all by web searching for “Buuf Icons” and are free for distribution.

    I like the way you assume full credit for this post.

    I am Larry

  4. I would love the opportunity to get my hands on the beta software.

    But alas i cant.

    It does not mean that i can leave bitter comments !!
    Like the last one.

    Larry has made many free themes for everyone.
    Yes blueroom solutions have many free themes in bottom doc style.

    But there is also many people selling bottom doc themes aswell.

    In the scheme of thing does it really matter?

    I think it looks great and wish that Larry has a lot of downloads.


    Fellow Theme Maker

  5. I don’t see the big deal with Larry selling this theme, which was obviously made with the beta of Theme Builder.
    However, the first response did point out something that I take a bit more seriously, being the fact that the artist of this particular icon set DOES express that the icons are not to be used commercially. Scott from ran into some trouble a few months back because he used this same icon set in a commercial theme without getting the icon artist’s permission beforehand. Eventually, he was able to come to an agreement with the artist, and go forth with selling his theme.
    So, I guess really my only concern is if Larry obtain a commercial license (for the icons) and/or permission in to sell this theme prior to releasing it. But if he did, then great–this is a great theme, good job Larry!
    It really sucks as an artist to not receive fair compensation and/or credit for their hard work and creations.

  6. Nice themes Larry!

    But, as Brandy pointed out, the Buuf Icons usually are not available for commercial use. The author has it clearly stated on their Deviant Art page. Hopefully you had his permission…

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