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BlackBerry Thunder Available For Preorder On eXpansys?

Anybody who has been a long time international GSM device lover has heard of eXpansys. They manage to get their hands on the latest devices unlocked and sell them at a markup.


Raffy just sent me a link to TrustedReviews where Gordon Kelly spotted the new BlackBerry 9500 Thunder available for preorder on the eXpansys website. eXpansys also happens to have the BlackBerry Bold on preorder.

There is no price available yet and no word when they will get the device but they do have a gorgeous up close screenshot of the UI that I hope is real. it could easily be a mockup since I have a terrible eye for that kind of thing. It has been quite awhile since I shopped at eXpansys so I don’t know if they post these preorders just for fun but who knows…

They also claim that the device is Quad-Band GSM capable of running on the 850/900/1800/1900Mhz bands. That is contrary to what we have been hearing until now that it would only support international GSM standards.

As always take this rumor with a huge grain of salt. Or you could just be blinded by the pretty screenshot like me…

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  1. I Can’t stop Drooling……….If this site is legit, does that mean i’d be able to use the 9500 with T-Mobile USA? I’d honestly rather have this handset than the Bold.

  2. @Lance:
    Yes, it it’s legit that it will be Quad-band GSM, yes, you would be able to buy it and just pop in a USA TMO or ATT SIM card and off you go! It’s hard to imagine that with carriers ruling RIM’s development though, and this device being a supposed Verizon “exclusive” (at least for the 1st 3 months), I can’t imagine Verizon allowing RIM to supply it as Quad…

  3. Thunder seems to be gone from Expansys now.
    Holy crap, 550 GB for a Bold, that equals how much in US dollars? Something like $1100!!! WOW.

  4. I’m afraid of the Thunder. Several reports have been flying by that it is riddled with bugs and not ready for prime time. If they rush it through the door, could be a big fiasco.

  5. And here I was thinking of getting a bunch :: sighz ::

  6. Why are you afraid Luciano? There’s as many “reports” of it being wonderful as there are of it being “terrible”. All the “reports” we’re seeing are full of crap, IMHO.

  7. Mr. Rumor. Let me introduce you to Mr. Large Grain Of Salt…
    Personally I am more afraid of Verizon crippling the device than RIM producing a badly engineered device.

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