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I just stumbled across this great website called BillShrink. You tell it a few details about your wireless consumption and it calculates the best possible plan for you on the best carrier in your neighborhood. Pretty damn cool in my book. It was pretty much on the money.


It lets you specify how many lines you need and how much you are currently paying. You can even have it import your current bill for automatic analyzation. Sadly it does not understand a BlackBerry data plan but the generic unlimited works quite well. You just need to keep it in mind when you are shopping around the site.

If your shopping around for a new wireless plan or just want to see what is out there I would recommend checking it out at

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  1. Hmmm…the “import your bill” option requires that you disclose your account phone number and online password, over a NOT https (unsecured) connection. While that may be “recommended” (by them), I’m not at all sure I’d be willing to do that. I don’t know these people.

  2. Okay, so I fiddled around with this a bit. Once the initial information is entered, you CAN have it filter plans to only specific devices. I was able to filter to just Blackberry smartphones, and it did show me the Blackberry data plan additional for each of my two lines at $30/each for “unlimited” on Verizon. It nailed my current Verizon plan pretty much on the head. It gave me some Sprint options that were pretty close but seemed to be missing the Sprint Blackberry data charges. The thing that gets me though is I selected “3G” as a device requirement, and even though that filtered the Blackberry list down to just showing me 8x3x devices, when I continued on to it’s plan recommendations it was still telling me me best plans were with TMO and ATT, even though neither can offer a 3G Blackberry. I had to go back to the device selection screen, enable and then disable the devices in same family” checkbox, then it’s plan recommendations were only for Sprint and Verizon as they should be.
    Overall I’d say this site is quite a nice offering and could save some people not as much as stickler as I some serious dough!

  3. Absolutely fascinating service, but lacking — especially in (of all things, since it was posted here) comparing Blackberry service.

    I changed my AT&T account password, temporarily, and allowed it to mine my account for data. It couldn’t determine that I had a BES International plan on my account. It showed the roaming charges I had while overseas as “overage,” thereby skewing the recommendations.

    Obviously, that’s a complex set of variables, but the data is out there and available for them to write the business rules and do the analysis on the more complex accounts.

    But even without, they just call my plan “Unlimited data” and not BES (versus BIS), etc.

    Every so often I try to compare T-Mobile to my AT&T account, but just can’t seem to make the jump. I was hoping this service would convince me to jump or stay put.

    Instead, I’m left wanting more.

    Here’s hoping that they have a Rev 2 that works better with BB service analysis!

  4. I don’t know how much I can trust it. Either it doesn’t know AT&T is in my area, or it thinks NO AT&T plan is better than spending $10.020 more per year than I’m spending now. I’ve only gone to 3 pages and that what is an option and AT&T hasn’t come up yet.

  5. I also not think giving out your number and account password is such a good idea either!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for the review.

    @DavidB It is a https connection. the homepage is not https, but the bill import tab as well as inside the subsequent page when you login it’s a https. As for the 3G, yes I’m glad you found the “similar phone check. We’ll see if we can make it more intuitive.

    @ChrisC Thank you, it’s pretty complex you’re right. International calls we’re working on as it’s not the majority case. As for “unlimited data” and not BES, it’s there, just in the view details section of the plan.

    @Dave Davis You already have the best available plan! As of today there aren’t better plans for you. The system works 🙂

    @Nikoaus If you dont’ feel comfortable importing your bill, you can use your site without it. But please do know we are getting Truste certified, Hackersafe, BBB, and are using a secure data center. That and it’s only a read only access.

    Thanks again!

  7. Great to hear from you Peter! Let us know if there are any updates

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