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Apple Throws The Gauntlet At Microsoft IE7

When Remzi told me about this I just knew I had to post it. I got a good belly laugh out of this one so just bear with me. It turns out that when you go to Apple’s new MobileMe service ( from Internet Explorer 7 you will get the following message:


Sorry guys if you did not find this as funny as I did. I have just been waiting for ages for somebody to stick it to the man. It is interesting to see that Apple is promoting both their own Safari AND Firefox. Could you imagine Microsoft doing the same thing?

MobileMe is Apple’s answer to RIM’s BIS push email mixed with a few BES features. RIM really needs to start offering BIS customers more than just emails if they want to keep them from being tempted by the iPhone. I will leave it at that for now.

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  1. ROFL. The man in my opinion is losing power, Vista a Flop ,bringing back XP whats next.

  2. i dunno. if i have to pay rim $120aud a year for something like mobileme. i would be greatly disappointed.

  3. I wonder if it’s ANY IE, or just IE7? There are MILLIONS in corporate America that due to software baseline lockdowns are still forced to use IE6.

    I’ll agree that RIM’s BIS email support is poor at best. Come on, all this time and we STILL don’t have proper HTML email viewing (unless we use beta software or 3rd party apps). And even when we finally DO get HTML email viewing, there will still be no composing or replying in HTML? Is RIM TRYING to push customers (primarily consumers) away?

  4. That’s pretty neat, I’m glad they did that.

    Quite frankly, as soon as the iphone is freed from ATT, I’ll probably be switching over from my BB to an iphone. I’ll be patient until then, but mobile is great for me, besides being fully Mac compatible, which RIM certainly isn’t.

  5. @portorikan:
    What have you seen (and where) that leads you to think iPhone will ever be “freed” from ATT? Besides hacking it?

  6. @DavidB – well, the contract is/was apparently for ATT to have the iphone exclusively for 5 years. 4 more years to go.

    I would think that after 4 years Apple would be interested in selling their phone to other carriers in the US. We’ll see.

  7. OH. I would think in 4 years from now there will be many far cooler devices out there than iPhone, but hey if ya don’t mind the wait… 😉

  8. I’m sure there will be a lot cooler devices out there, but I’m also sure that in 4 more years the iphone will have continued to improve as well.

    I’m looking forward to the seemless integration of my phone with the rest of my digital life on my computer. Something not many folks but Apple seem to have figured out is important to users.

  9. I’m also sure that in 4 more years the iphone will have continued to improve as well, but then the new improved iphone will be bound to a new contract, possibly still with AT&T. What are you going to do then? Wait another 4 years? But then, another 4 years later, the iphone will have continued to improve as well, but then the new improved iphone will be bound to a new contract, possibly… (infinite loop).
    There is a carrot they will never let you bite.

  10. Oh, by the way: those are big words from a company that won’t you have copy and paste, MMS or decent Bluetooth.

  11. That’s ok Luciano. I just won’t get it. I’m perfectly fine right now with my carrier and not interested in changing.

    What you say is all speculation, since non of us know. If it happens, then it happens. No big deal, I won’t get the iphone. What I’ve got now suffices for a phone.

  12. @Luciano:
    Ja, I was shocked to find out iPhone (any version) does not support BT A2DP! That is hilarious from THE name in portable music devices!!!

  13. Well Opera is also blocked, but you can mask as Firefox, and it will let you in.

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