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PictureID – Full Screen Picture ID

I know some people have been squinting at the small picture in the picture ID provided by RIM. ToySoft hopes to solve that issue by providing a full screen picture ID application for BlackBerry. They are still working out a few quirks but the developer is truly dedicated to making this app great. They are even adding cool features such as a picture for each area code. It is available for $9.95 from ToySoft’s website. A full review is already in the works but you can pick up a free trial from the ToySoft site.

picid_bb_1 picID_curve_3

From the description:

With full screen picture caller ID you can easily identify the caller. Assign different picture ID for different contacts. You can also assign a custom picture for caller’s who do not have caller ID information or blocked callers. Callers who have caller ID information PictureID can display the callers city location using the North America AreaCode database.


  • BlackBerry 8100, 8300, 8700, 8800, or Bold
  • BlackBerry® OS 4.2 and Higher


  • Full screen picture ID
  • Supports PNG, GIF and JPG pictures
  • Supports Internal and SD card memory
  • Includes North America area codes
  • Custom display font, text and color
  • Custom picture for Unknown and Private callers
  • Custom picture for General callers
  • Supports Contact lookup when creating new Picture IDs
  • Very easy to use
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  1. Supports SD card! WooHoo!
    Need more apps that truly support!!!

  2. It’s nice to see developers migrating to the Blackberry platform. Toysoft made some useful utilities for the Treo when I was on that platform. Hopefully, they can port over some of their useful apps. Now, if only my Blackberry had more onboard ram for all these goodies!

  3. I’ve tried loading the website and get a message that IE cannot display the website. Same thing on Opera and on my 8130 it keeps timing out.

  4. I cant get to the website either, go figure, just my luck a good app finally comes out and the site is down, and when the site comes back up ill have forgotton about it!

  5. I won’t forget, its a great Application. I hope. What were we talking about?

  6. Site seems to be back up now.

  7. I just downloaded it was able to get on I luv this app, works just fine. I’d be willing to pay for it.

  8. “caller’s”? with a ‘?

    I do not trust them. 😛

  9. You couldn’t tell from the “.ca” domain name that English is not their first language? 🙂

    • You do realize that a domain name ending in .ca is from Canada riiiight? You know.. that place up north where they invented the dang BlackBerry? In case you forgot.. they’re even more English than you are…

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