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Preparing For The Bold – High Res AT&T 3G Coverage Map

With the iPhone 3G coming out AT&T has really been pushing 3G in the US. The thing is that the Bold is scheduled to come right on the heals of the iPhone.

Right now AT&T is claiming the fastest 3G network in the US. They skip over the fact that CDMA networks have much wider 3G coverage compared to only 300 cities for AT&T. On the other hand AT&T 3G has faster data rates and lower latency compared to the EVDO Rev 0 CDMA BlackBerrys.

So what I ran across this high resolution map of AT&T’s 3G coverage on Digg I found it very useful to see where they do and don’t currently have 3G coverage. I thought I would share.


You can catch the high res map at this link. Keep in mind that it is a 1.5MB image so don’t do this on your Berry. I hate linking directly (hotlinking) to this image but there does not seem to be any website on that domain to link to.

Thanks to featherMario on Digg for the legend:

BLUE = Full Coverage
RED/ORANGE = Decent Coverage
ORANGE = Meh Coverage

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  1. Nice that finally they do 3G in the US.

    But what actually makes me laugh they cover cities but not highways, etc… Here in Spain they did that long ago, covering the roads, highways, rails, etc…

    The map you found Ronen must be a mashup, since 3G coverage is only visible on their map when you zoom in closer.
    Funny, the amount of blue (3G) is a fraction of the amount of blue (BroadbandAccess) on Verizon’s coverage map (, but I suspect the number of people covered isn’t that much different.

  3. The legend provided by featherMario doesn’t jibe with what ATT says on their coverage locator site. Blue is 3G, any other color is EDGE only. NO 3G coverage at all outside the Blue areas is how I read their site.

  4. I will take your word for it David. I tried finding a legend but it was 1AM and I needed some sleep 🙂

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