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Mobile Home page gets link to list of working IM apps for Blackberry

Today I noticed that RIM has added a new link to the mobile home page. The link takes you to a list of IM clients that will work on your specific device. It seems that RIM has been constantly updating their mobile Blackberry home page. I am not surprised since it seems that they even develop some of these versions of IM applications for the Blackberry including my favorite, the Blackberry Messenger, is designed specifically for the Blackberry.

Mobile home Screen Mobile home Screen2

With the new upgrade to BIS 2.5 , browsing the Net and IM messaging seems to be a lot faster and everyday new IM applications come out, some with access to multiple IM protocols such as Yahoo, GTalk, Jabber etc. Some are standalone clients like the new MSN client, included as part of the BIS 2.5 upgrade that RIM launched the weekend of the 29th of June in quite a few places around the world. To my surprise, the MSN Messenger was one of the many applications that were available for download, so I went ahead and downloaded it since it had not been pushed to my device yet. It is a really nice application, it works great using regular GPRS or EDGE networks.

Mobile home Screen3 Mobile home Screen4

When you click on the link to the list of IM applications, the mobile site automatically searches for your device and determines what type of applications are available for your device and gives you a list for you to decide what to download, and I happen to really like that feature. This is not the same as the list that is under Applications/Stay in touch. This seems to be a separate feature that RIM has added and it makes it really convenient I would say.

Overall, I really like how RIM has been on top of things lately with updates and new features they add to the homepage. I used to pay not much attention to it until recently and hopefully they will keep this up for good. I love getting new things for my Blackberry. If you don’t know how to get to the mobile site, simply type on you mobile browser.

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  1. The battle with Apple is going to start soon :-X Or has it begun already.

  2. I think it been going on, lol RIM has been really busy lets face it wether any one wants to admit it or not its a battle of the smart phones and I believe this is good because it will just make every one compete to create the best gadgets out there the best survive

  3. That’s is absolutely correct lol round 2 then. corrcorr

  4. This link is not listed on my device when browsing the mobile page, In fact not on both devices I have.

    I think there is still a legal requirement between the carrier an RIM to support the IM Connection. Although I can browse the Livemessenger link for download, it tells me I have a device that does not meet the system requirements.

    Whats listed in the IM Download’s other than the standards? There are Five Native Clients not including BB Messenger.

  5. My browser does not show this link.

  6. My browser does not show this link either; im running beta. This may be why. Since 4.5 has not officially launched for my device 8330…device detection probably sees it as null or non-existence. oh well. guess i’ll have to wait.

  7. I don’t believe is because of using 4.5 beta, as gareth metioned above is due to the carier having to have some kind of agreement with RIM for this.

  8. I have re-activated my Curve from another Device and have find this link to be present, So beside the Carrier playing a role in the Messenger Agreement betweem themselves and RIM, the Handeld type seems to play a role. Meaning they are more than likely detecting via model type on what is made available to the Devices.

  9. Posting another update, not thinking that running an older version would make the difference, I had not updated the client till this evening. Well, it seems that the client update was required for connectivity. This reminds me that the same has been true for the Desktop client at some point in the past.

  10. Taking it even further for my Pearl, I did some digging…the URL via BB Mobile redirects to the Link that we all should be using: I have just installed this on my Pearl and am logging in.

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