CDMA OS For 8330 Found Online

Secret Agent 002 has decided to join the fun. She pointed out that OS for the 8330 has joined its 8830 brother version on the web.

Point in fact. Below is one of the places it can be found:

Let us know if you find any bugs

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Excellent. Thanks a lot! Downloading it now.


  3. Excellent!! I’ve been searching for it everywhere and BerryReview always seems to be the first to get it!

  4. Excellent! Now i’m ready to install os 4.5!

  5. All that’s left now is to find an 8130 Pearl2 4.5.

  6. Question…For those brave enough to try this new build of OS 4.5. How are all your apps working after upgrading your phone? I have tried earlier builds and for some reason viigo and jivetalk start acting up. Please post results of upgrade please? Thanks so much!

  7. Avanderlinde: I’ve been running it since last night and I’ve had no problems with any of my apps. Jivetalk loaded just fine. I don’t use Viigo so no comment there. The think I found interesting is unlike some of the previous builds, Facebook transferred over just fine and didn’t need a reinstall. Pretty solid build so far, though I’ve only been using it a couple hours.

  8. I had a few problems with this one as I was continually receiving “1xev” instead of “1XEV”… I found that it was simply a permissions issue on the “Core Applications”… after allowing the connections my data connection was working fine… this version also addresses the voicemail icon issue from as we are now able to delete the yellow icon.

  9. As stated, this build fixes the voicemail icon issue. I am also now getting the audible alert when a voicemail is left. I installed it early this morning and the bugs I have noticed so far are:

    1. You are not able to customize folders….the only color option you have is the default yellow folder.

    2. Media player is very choppy. I was listening to my music on the way home from work last night and all was smooth…this morning though, I get getting hiccups every now and then will the files were playing.

    3. I’m still getting semi HTML e-mails…not sure if this is a 4.5 issue or a Sprint issue, but the issue still exist….my partner has t-mobile and seeing full HTML on his 8320 makes me jealous…LOL

    I will post back with any other bugs I may notice. I’m glad the voicemail issue is fixed because it was driving me crazy.

  10. JFig,

    I haven’t noticed partial html, but I can never get all the images to load.

  11. Can anyone tell me if the sprint tv and the sprint navigation/telenav function properly with the build?

  12. Can somebody host the file somewhere other than rapidshare?

  13. Here you go: (Mediafire Upload)

    CDMA for 8330

  14. Got to say, it’s been a GREAT week for OS upgrades! I just wish RIM would put the providers on notice that they are not going to stand for them sitting on innovation anymore! I hope now that BlackBerry is a house hold name they can renegotiate to allow for OS upgrades and public betas without needing to inform the providers. The providers don’t want you to have OS upgrades direct from RIM (or Microsoft for that matter) because the providers want to evaluate if they can charge you for these new features (i.e. GPS, etc..) SHAME ON YOU VERIZON, ATT, TMOBILE, SPRINT.

    /rant OFF

  15. I am downloading it now for my Verizon 8330 curve I am currently running and am also running viigo and jivetalk with no problems I am only hoping that at some point the Verizon block on GPS will work with third party apps I PAY for VZNAVIGATOR and dont mind doing so after all that is in my contract but I think I should be able to pick the APP to use my GPS with.

  16. Has anyone on sprint tried to use telenav with os if so, how well or not well does it work?

  17. Installing tonight. Have no problems with Besides the voicemail icon I wonder what I fixes. Verizon 8330. I will follow up with what I find

  18. Sprint TV locked me out of the rest of the phone… couldnt do anything but watch and listen.. no volume control, nothing. Had to battery pull. Worked fine afterwards
    Youtube works. Nav works (didnt actually go anywhere). Jivetalk works
    Having same problem with folders just the standard manilla folder, also having the problem with partial loading of html mail
    Still lags at sending SMS
    Whole system seems slower now.. =(
    Might revert back to .45

  19. Both Sprint Nav and TV working for me, glad the VM bug is fixed!

  20. Get an server error message when I tried to access Sprint Nav.

  21. Is there something else that needs to be configured to get the HTML email to work? I am on sprint and did the update, everything else seems to be working fine, however email is still plain jane……….


  22. @Phil:
    Some people have had to log into their BIS site and resend Service Books.

  23. Thanks!! I think that did the trick!!

  24. Has anyone without a BIS plan upgraded to 4.5? Any problems? thx

  25. Hi all im new to berryreview but not to cell phones or forums but a bit new to blackberrys although bb are the best I have found. Beta .33 was a joke, beta .45 has a ton of fixes & beta .51 now we are getting somewhere. FYI I am on the sprint network.

    The main problems I have found with Blackberry CDMA OS beta is as fallows.

    A) Attachment service still needs some work but getting better

    B) Yahoo & AIM messenger have a few problems I guess it could be considered a memory leak.

    C) Docs to Go it really isn’t much to brag about at his point it is to limited.

    D) This one is not really BB problem but empower email viewer does not really work on this version.

    I cant waits till the next update.

  26. Updated my Verizon 8330 to OS from the previous beta .33. HTML email is the most welcome fix I have discovered. It now works wonderfully. The EVDO network speed seems to have improved also, however that may simply be the fixes to the browser. I tested the speed to load while sitting right next to my friend who had the new 3g I-Phone and I was only a tiny bit slower. overall a very impressive upgrade. I would highly recommend this OS update to anyone who just purchased the 8330. It really improves things.

    I do have to say that I am REALLY jacked about the GPS reciever not being able to work with google maps or any other 3rd party map software. As a solution, I paired the 8330 with the Globalsat puck bluetooth GPS reciever and that works with all the map programs. You just have to select it as the default GPS device under settings. I also took the time to berate one of the techs from Verizon after he explained that the GPS is locked down for security reasons. If that’s the case, why can i pick up GPS satelites through this external reciever? When Verizon gives you this explanation, don’t accept it. The fact is there are NO security risks to the network or device by simply being able to use the internal GPS reciever with something other than VZ navigator. Navigator stinks and we should have options. Verizon is just looking for your 9.99 a month and won’t accept that there is freeware out there like GMM that blows their maps away. I wonder if anyone at Verizon has realized that paying out class action suits is more expensive than losing a little revenue on extra services. Thier coverage may be terrific, but again and again they act like the soviet minions of the wireless phone industry. I’m sure many of you agree.

    If you haven’t upgraded your 8330 yet, do this update. It’s pretty solid. and a monkey could do it.

  27. I am also verizon an am unhappy about Gps as for the 3G I phone take a good look at the back of your BB It is 3G CDMA

  28. Has anyone on sprint received a picture mail correctly after this update???

  29. Picture mail (MMS) works fine on my 8330 ( on the Bell network here in Toronto.

  30. If I receive a picture mail, it directs me to the PC version of the website, it doesn’t provide the link for viewing as it previously did. Has anyone else experienced this or found a workaround?

  31. Also has anyone else had issues with using the headset jack on the 4.5? it worked before the update and now doesn’t work at all?

  32. I got my Curve for Sprint several weeks ago.
    Problem: I can’t load the new device os OR anything else with
    Any DeskTop Manager version. All of them say the device
    is connected but no Pin number shows. So useless.
    Sprint Tech Support and I have worked on this problem for
    hours and still no answer.
    I know that many of us are smarter than Sprint Techs but I
    have racked my brain, nothing else to try that I can think of.
    I would appreciate ANY help on this as I can’t even backup
    the bought and free software on the device. I am still running
    the same software that came on the device because I can’t
    download any other version or anything else.
    Thanks Chuck, not a newbe

  33. Is your computer by chance using usb 1.0 or 1.1 instead of 2.0? When we rolled the blackberries out at work several people reported similar problems, all using older laptops.

  34. on TELUS, dose this build allow Telus users to play youtube mobile yet? i know Telus has a known issue with it. so can someone please confirm is this new build helps Telus users play youtube videos.

  35. My Sprint TV and radio still dont work 🙁 help PLEASE!

  36. Thanks for your comment, the only one so I really appericate
    It, tolcrackmonkey. Good question and one we have already
    covered I thought of that one.
    I checked and alas and alack I am running 2.0. I have a fairley new Dell with all the stuff but I still checked. I am
    begining to think it’s a bad port on the Curve. It will charge
    the phone but no data.
    I also have a Pearl also with Sprint and it works perfectly with
    4.5 soooo It must be bad port on handset.
    Mine was put together when Rim was “under the gun” to hump
    out units and I believe quality control was over worked. However I will return the phone and get a new one as this one
    was 2 days under the 30 days. The retail store/tech center
    tried to give me a Curve only out 3 days, the person wanted
    a red one. But you never know what could have happened in
    those 3 days. By the way the 3 day old Curve was the only
    one available in Nashville, TN

  37. Any chance your USB port is an extension to the front of the computer case? Mine doesn’t work on the front ports, but works perfect on the ports in the back of the case that are directly attached to the motherboard or when I use my laptop.

  38. tolcrackmonkey, I sure appreciate your continued interest.
    I haven’t tried the front usb ports only the ones in the back
    of which there are many, I’ve tried them all.

    I now have taken the Curve in to the Sprint retial tech support
    and they, in about 3 minutes, said it was the port on the device. I am inclined to agree due to the fact that 4.5 desktop
    at least sees my Pearl.

    It could really be a bad port however I find it hard to believe
    since the port allows the device to charge.

    However, being a ham radio operator and holder of the
    1st Class FCC license as a chief enginer, I know that it’s
    possible however unlikeley due to the fact the port should
    already be wired and checked before it is installed.

    Thanks again for our continued interest, I am still open to
    any possibility. I like this particular Curve as I have comparied several and my screen is far brighter.

    Please forgive the spelling as this answer came across at
    2 am and I’m not fully awake.


  39. I’d agree that it’s the device at this point. Good luck!

  40. Iagree.Many thanks

  41. Hey chuckster, just a thought, but do you have a friend with a berry? Try it on their PC and see if it’s seen?

  42. Good idea DavidB!
    I just bought my wife a new laptop and, I don’t know why,
    oops! yes I do, It has Vista as os. I have heard people with
    problems installing desktop manager with Vista.
    However I have quite a few friends who, like me, run windows
    XP Pro.
    I’ll give it a shot.
    Thank You!

  43. I run bb desktop manager on vista with no problems.

  44. Well then tolcrackmonkey, this I will try when she gets home.
    I mean, It couldn’t hurt! (Famous last words)

  45. use DM 4.5, I had the same issue you did until I downloaded it from RIM. The Boxed version is 4.3 and is crapola with the phone. I also upgraded to Beta OS and all is right as rain. HTML email seems to be a farce so far.

  46. Steve:

    Thank you for the idea. I have already downloaded 4.5.0,51
    but I can’t load it on the Curve without Desktop Mgr.
    I downloaded and installed 4.5 Desktop but it does the same
    thing it says it sees the phone but pin: NONE
    Thank You anyway I am one of the top people helpers on several other sites but not ready with BB although I have learned a lot since Nov 07 1st pearl now curve i have both
    as I’ve said the Pearl works on dt 4.5

  47. What am I doing wrong guys? I have done software updates on my 8830 before, but now I have the 8330 and I go to the link, download the file (I hit save). Then I click run, and it goes through the setup launcher. It asks if I want to repair or remove 4.5, so I chose repair. Then it says it installs it, but to where? I have my BB plugged in, but it isnt showing an active connection to the desktop. Then it just says that it has been installed. So I open up desktop manager and click sync… nothing. (I am on a BES so sync with most things is disabled through the usb cable). I also went into application loader… nothing. What am I doing wrong?!?! Please Help!!!

  48. You have to delete the vendor xml file to up date the OS

  49. I had installed this one (.51), but it was WAY too buggy for me. Any word on when the real rollout might be of a good version?

  50. Just installed on a Telus 8330. Install went without a problem.

    I hoped to fix the GPS problem many of us had with the curve from Telus. No luck, actually it’s worst since Telus Navigator doesn’t work at all, and without TN I’m unable to get any apps to get a GPS position.

    Bugs / New feature found:
    Samecell stopped working.
    Telus Navigator stopped working.
    HTML email is great!
    PIN lookup are finally working.
    Docs to GO give an error when registering but seems to work.

  51. Thanks for the help John! Less than 24hrs into the update, I am definately very happy with it. HTML email, Docs to go (upgraded to premium), the somewhat tweaked internet browser, and gps navigation for blackberry maps was a nice surprise. All in all, very few bugs for me.
    The only ones I have to report are the font for incoming calls and when dailing are different than what I have it set to. It seems to be a little slower and use more battery life, but that could just be because I have been playing with it more than usual today. Battery icon is also a little different than VZW one was…(as you can see I am stretching to try and find things wrong with this upgrade)
    As far as the headphone jack and media player go, mine is working just perfect. HTML is a huge improvement over what we had, but Im only getting 75-90% of most images, but I’ll take it.
    Just for reference, I’m on VZW with both BIS email accounts and a BES for anyone wondering about performing the update. VZ Nav still works great as well. Hope this helps! Thanks for all the help guys!

  52. So, Ryan, you are a) on Verizon and b) have a Curve 8330 and c) pay Verizon for VZNavigator ? And once you installed this device OS, the GPS location works in Blackberry Maps program??? You seem to be the first to report that happening. Anyone else on Verizon getting GPS working in something other than VZNavigator (and Google Maps “My Location” doesn’t count)???

  53. anyone find .56?

  54. new link to so i know people are still looking for it…

    http://rapidshare. com/files/136779044/8830_4.5r74.exe.html

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