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Top 10 Stupid Ways People Destroy Their Phone

What is your top phone destruction story?

Back when I was at Verizon I used to love the calls I would get with all the stupid reasons people destroyed their phones.

CutestupidMy top ten are
1. I dropped it in the toilet
2. My dog ate it
3. My toddler drooled all over it.
4. I was pushed into the pool while it was in my pocket
5. It fell in the ocean while sailing.
6. I dropped it into the garbage disposal.
7. I. Left it on the seat of my car in the middle of the summer in phoenix Arizona, with the windows rolled up.
8. I dropped it into a boiling pan of grease.
9. I stuck it into a microwave to dry it out… (this is why there is a “do not place in microwave” warning in your phones instruction manual)
10. And my personal favorite, it was used as a vibrator. Even though never directly admitted by the customer, the nervousness in their voice and the completely made up story and description of problem, always gave them away.

Let me know if I missed any…

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  1. So nobodys ever seen a phone blow up? That’s why I love the fourth of July. My friend is funny but dumb, his girlfriend keeps calling, gets angry ties it up to a rocket and it actually flew away….Then decides to call T-mobile and tell them he destroyed his phone does insurance cover it… LMAO. It was classic.

  2. How about washing pants without checking the pockets?

    It works pretty good

  3. how about ‘i don’t know what happened to it. i swear it just stopped working’
    when it has very obviously been abused, dropped, soaked and stepped on
    respect your shit, people!

  4. Uh, vibrators cost WAY less than BlackBerrys do. I’d suggest not using your phone as a sex toy. Ick.

  5. This Phoenix sun is killer!! Luckily I’m not dumb enough to leave my phone in my car in the first place.

  6. I just recently purchased my Blackberry for a reason that, at first, was a nuisance to me. I had one of those ghetto, old school LG VX 8300’s… and believe me, it was a PIECE! I do have to admit though, that thing was a trooper. It had been dropped so many times and it was like a brick. Funny story though. I was at work driving to one of my appointments and I was stopped at a red light and was watching a very old gentleman attempt to cross the street with his walker and some groceries. There had been some construction and the cross walk was partially covered by torn up concrete and asphalt. So being the upstanding citizen that I am, I hopped out to help him across the street. It felt good to do something kind and help someone in need. He graciously thanked me and I got back in the truck and drove off. About 30 seconds after I drove off I realized that my phone was no where to be found and I panicked and realized that it probably fell out in the street. I drove back to find it in the middle of the road smashed to pieces. I guess that’s what ya get for doing something nice these days isn’t it? STABBED IN THE BACK!! But in the end it turned out to be a rich blessing as it led me to my second love (after my girlfriend and fiancee to be), my BlackBerry Pearl 8130 which I purchased about a month ago. Not all was lost

  7. I’ve actually lost 3 while riding on the freeway.

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