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Poll: What BlackBerry do you have your heart set on?

Here at BerryReview we are always up for something new. Be it a theme directory or Quiz. So now we wanted to see if you would enjoy our polls. If this goes well we will keep them coming. The poll works fine from your BlackBerry browser but will probably not work in your RSS reader.OfficialRIM9000picture

After hearing all the rumors floating around about the Bold, Javelin, Thunder, & KickStart I thought it was fitting to ask:

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  1. Would have been nice if there was a choice for “The Blackberry I desire doesn’t exist yet”. 😉

  2. I like the Bold functionnality but I don’t like its design… Javelin could be interesting with 3g (but it doesn’t have it)…

    Hope we’ll see what is the Thunder like in the next weeks or months but my Curve is brand new (well, not yet 2 months old) so I’m staying with it 😉

  3. I agree with Plutux, but I like how the bold looks, I want it also because of 3G (T-mobile is rapidly deploying their 3G so do expect the bold :-D). The Javelin is my second choice if no 3G and Bold from T-mobile.

  4. I’m loving my T-Mobile 8320 Curve but I’ll be damned if that Bold with it’s one gig built in memory isn’t tempting. I’d have to say as well if t-mo doesn’t get the Bold its no doubt the Javelin.

  5. Does anybody on T-mobile care about the 3G? Like for those of us who have EDGE and have seen how fast can go wouldnt that make your life alittle happier? Im just asking. I was thinking about it and if we were to get the Javelin because of no BOLD, I wouldn’t be as tempted to get it, knowing that right after I get the Javelin like a month or so later 3G is out fully on the network and I have a new phone which still acts like a curve. Performance is good and all but being able to access faster internet on newer model phones is what makes blackberry more versatile. Maybe its just me lol.

  6. Why does everyone dislike the Kickstart? I keep reading about how bulky and ugly it is. WTF? I think it’s very attractive and a good price also.

    My boyfriend has his heart set on a Kickstart. I, on the other hand, have no clue which new Blackberry I am getting. Being on Suncom, I never know which device we are getting first, especially since the T-Mobile switch over should be happening around September. If I can hold my horses, my goal is to wait until around Christmas time and see if the bold is within my reach. Of course, being in South Carolina pretty much guarantees that the 3G will be useless for me anyway.

    Oh what a decision I must make……

  7. I just cant deal with flip phones. I am a bit ADD and would play with it during meetings. Its bad enough when I pull out my berry but to flip it open…

  8. I might have the answer to the Kickstart riddle.
    1) I don’t like flip phones myself either, but nobody cares what I like.
    2) Most people who like and buy flip phones are not the kind of people who hang out in technology forums, blogs etc. Like for example most of my friends, especially female. These are usually people who know little to nothing about cutting edge technology and hopefully RIM will catch the attention of that part of the market and make them addicted to the Blackberry Way before they know it. That could be a very smart move that Apple isn’t making. YET.

  9. I’ve had my Curve 8310 for a couple of months now and am perfectly happy with it BUT WiFi or 3G would be nice

  10. I got to say, I think the BOLD is going to be awesome but I care more about it for its software then its hardware. Eventually all of its innovation will make it to my 83xx devices. The thunder is actually a totally new beast! Can’t wait to see if RIM has what it takes to run with Apple. I am skeptical, especially since the device isn’t QWERTY in stand up mode. I just hope they don’t lose focus and come out with a rock star device.

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