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Dear Diary, You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I got an email today from S4BB that they just released a diary application for BlackBerry. I know it is easy to type on a Berry but is it really the ideal device to write your diary on?

DeardiarySo I did a search in the store and discovered that there are actually two other diary applications for BlackBerry. I guess I won’t understand since I find it tedious to type more than two lines in an email on my Berry. Maybe this is how people end up with BlackBerry thumb…

If you’re really interested in writing your diary on your BlackBerry you have one of 4 options:

The Ronen Free Way – Free This one is simple. Just email yourself your diary with DIARY: in the subject line. Then setup a rule in Outlook to put all of the emails with DIARY: in the subject into one folder. Brilliant!

MobileDiary – Currently $4.99 allows you to export to text, html, or memopad

Diary Pro – Currently $9.99 is more of a task manager that happens to be called a diary. Maybe they were going for day planner?

My Secret Diary – $7.99 adds a twist of password protecting your diary entries but gives you no way to back them up.

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  1. “Ronen way” enhancement:
    Put the date in the beginning of the subject, and then even when sorted by subject the emails will be in chronological order.
    ex: DIARY:20080710-
    This way also if you export the emails to individual text files, when viewed on the computer browser they will be in chronological order too.

  2. Tell us how you really feel Ronen 🙂

  3. @Nathan 😀 😀 😀
    “Is it really the ideal device to write your diary on?” And what would the ideal device be, Ronen? A paper notebook? A notebook? An iPhone???!!! This is the digital age, man. We have QWERTY keyboards. The Blackberry is a very good diary device IMO. My only question is: does any of these apps let you add pictures a la scrapbook? That’s the only real issue here. Well, that and the lack of trial versions or even screenshots by S4BB. 🙁
    Oh! And Outlook?!! You’ve got to be kidding. Exporting stuff out of Outlook is the kind of thing I like to wish to my enemies!

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