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CDMA OS For 8830 Found Online

Thanks to another anonymous tipster who has now found OS for the 8830 floating around on the interweb. I know quite a few of you have been waiting for it.

Just as an example of where it can be found:

Let us know if you find any bugs

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR.

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  1. Downloading now!!! About time!

  2. I have been waiting for this. Downloading and installing. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

  3. Thank you. I have been waiting..

  4. Installing as I type. Anyone know whats new???

  5. So… its still saying erasing applications… Phone is not even on.. what the??

  6. Weir… Loading system software.. phone is still not on??

  7. Pfffeewww.. Phone just rebooted… wow!

  8. Installation is going quick! Rebooting 🙂

  9. Still booting…..

  10. mines still rebooting too.. great…

  11. Booted.. restore taking place

  12. Success… Lets go play now.. will post later!

  13. Loaded successfully. Now connected to device. Finger are cross.

  14. Still no F’in youtube for me! What gives!!

  15. canson, what carrier??

    I am booted up.. will report back later. The track wheel click is back though 🙂

    More memory free.. lets just hope the leak is gone.

  16. Bell.. Xplayer works for streaming radio. works. Just no youtube!

  17. Ok now msn don’t work. Command error!

  18. Muck tanx….”BERRYREVIEW” thats why I check in every minute of the day. All is great…..except my wife…..she will understand. gonna go explore now. Load and working fine.

  19. Ok so msn messenger is toast. Command failed is all I keep getting ;(

  20. Posting from my BB with the new os. Everything seems to work pretty well. Youtube streams now! And the new browser is nice.

  21. I’ve installed the software to the computer, but the Desktop Mgr – (4.5) doesn’t seem to know that there is an uprade available. Verizon 8830 with 4.2.2 installed. Any clue as to what I need to do?

  22. Ok for the guys who have youtube working what do your browser settings look like. Emulating blackberry or another browser?? As for the guy above remove the vendor.xml file from ur computer. Search for instructions online 😉

  23. The Youtube streaming has worked for me on my 8320 since bet I have emulation as blackberry, i have allow java(everything) checked and it works just fine, i noticed in prior versions that my phone would reset while watching videos or trying to exit a video. Seems to be fixed in .52. They just need to fix the BB Messenger issue.
    Is anyone else having issues with BB Messenger contacts erasing?

  24. I have the same installation issue and software versions as Kevin above. I have searched, and don’t see vendor.xml on my computer.

  25. First change ur file options to view hidden files. Then do a search for vendor. I am sire u will find it. Its in the common file under program files I believe. Can’t remember.

  26. The vendor.xml to delete should be in:
    c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader

  27. Thanks DavidB. I only had to delete it once and I am writing from my berry so I was guessing 🙂

  28. Does anyone know where an accessable copy of Rel 74 for the 8330 can be found?

  29. I’m with “tolcrackmonkey”… I have an 8330 and would like to have the on my Curve.

  30. So far so good. I was unable to load on my DM 4.5 on Vista. However, i was able to load it on my XP workstation. And I did delete the vendor.xml file. Not sure if it’s s Vista issue.

    So far, I’ve noticed on the new revision:
    -Better Memory utilization
    -Quicker response
    -Voice Notes Recorder App

    There’s still a bug with Blackberry Messenger, when after removing the battery, it’ll ask you to update your contacts or it’ll erase them.

  31. worked great on my 8830 and seems to have fixed the memory problem with the last 4.5 release…

    Also if you go to options>advanced> you will see “Wireless Upgrade”……..IIIIIIIIInteresting to see where that goes

  32. Also i did not delete the vendor file… the upgrade worked fine

  33. Downloading now… Will update when I start installation

    Carrier: VZW
    Current OS:

  34. Link will not download file any ideas??

  35. Installation going smoothly… No signs of problems

  36. Deleted the vedor.xml file – everything installed perfectly – Thanks Canson! The two issues that I have run into are: 1) custom folders are now tan floders that cannot be edited back to their customized colors. 2) when viewing the streaming YouTube feed, the press of any key other than what is available by “mouse” control, causes a reboot. After installation, it is neccessary to then add the DocsToGo apps through the Desktop Manager.

  37. Installed and now testing. Will be back with reviews and fixes.

  38. Here are some of the things I noticed with

    -Very smooth, quick performance, minimal lag
    -HTML E-mail (faster)
    -Websites now recognize mobile browser and redirect to their mobile site (Some exceptions, including
    -Fixed the “wakeup from black screen” button problem, (ex. it would select whatever you have highlighted when trying to wakeup the phone with the trackball.)
    -Media player via Youtube Mobile is much more responsive and quick.
    -Selection in “column” view problem fixed. (.33 made the page jump from hyperlink to hyperlink even when the link was not in view of the screen)
    -Wireless Upgrade (Saw it after I first downloaded the OS but not after I resent my service books)
    -DocsToGo (Haven’t played with it yet, but it looks very good)

    That’s all I have for now. If anyone knows how to get the Wireless Upgrade function back, let me know.

  39. I noticed that with this build there is no longer a way to force roaming! This is a big bummer.

  40. If you register and download the update for the DocsToGo app, it will add the ability to open existing excel files as well as the word and slideshow.

  41. Will this update work on the Blackberry 8330?

  42. @Chris
    Check the front page. The 8330 link is there

  43. I’m having problems installing VZNavigator. There is no link to download it on the VZStart page and the “Get VZNavigator Now!” Bookmark just takes me back to the VZStart page. I renamed the vendor.xml file so it wouldn’t load it. Could that have been the problem?

  44. Just installed the latest…no issues so far, this version is better then .33

    Are there any items you guys would like tested?

  45. I installed Monday, and had a few small issues (browser wouldn’t let me edit textboxes after the first pass, clicking the ball to resuume from sleep launched the highlighted app, Sprint TV stopped working, etc), so I was pretty excited to see Although the previously mentioned issues have all been fixed, I have noticed the following issues (not sure if it’s just my phone, or if these are bugs):
    -there is a 2 second delay between vibrate and ring
    -unable to upgrade ‘On Demand’ OTA (Handmark app)
    -folders are yellow, with no options to customize
    -Overall speed seems slower when switching apps

  46. upgradeed to from
    8830 from Cbeyond
    over all faster in everything.
    voice quality is a little better almost hurt my ear. had better voice quality with a little bass to it. I hope the improve this in future versions.
    Everything works faster. voice recorder actually works now on was there but couldnt record.
    youtube and docs to go work perfect.
    The only time it seems to lag is when viewing a photo that is 2mb or bigger.

  47. I just noticed that has been SUCKING my available memory down to 0 several times today! Strange! But when it does that and I do a battery pull it goes back up to like 1,000,000 Bytes (or thereabouts).

    Noticed significant delays when installing new software (which I’ve only installed 4 things). Like sometimes a minute or more before it completes (not the downloading, but after while it’s “thinking”).

  48. Well, it appears I MAY have to downgrade back to 4.2 if this memory thing doesn’t improve soon. Or at least if I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s something I’m doing, but I doubt it. I have minimal apps installed and/or running, I’m not a complex multi-tasker on by BB, I have it set to delete any emails over 14 days. And when it restarted just now I jump up to 2,416,807 Bytes. Which is plenty enough to operate.

    I’m getting desperate enough that I turned on the “Memory Cleaner” option to clear every 5 minutes (only after this all started because I don’t want you to think that IT is the problem).

    Suggestions? Anyone with similar findings?

  49. While I was typing that previous message (RIGHT after restarting my BlackBerry) the free memory dropped to 1,688,195

  50. I’ve noticed that in the Advanced options section there is ( Wireless Upgrade) I wonder what this will serve as … PRL updates or OTA OS upgrades???

  51. I believe I’ve read that it will be actual OS upgrades. But of course since this version is BETA, then no upgrades yet until it gets officially released.

  52. So I’ve downloaded OS v4.5.0.51 on my 8830 CDMA ( Bell Mobility) and youtube doesnt work, I have change the settings on emulator to Blackberry and I’ve tried &, aswell as and none of them work. They all say that the media format is unsupported or I get an error message at the media screen. Any suggestions?

  53. Ok so I have successfully install OS v4.5.0.51 on my BB 8830 ( bell mobility) but I am not able to view any videos from youtube or cnn. I have change the emulation to Blackberry but still no luck. Any suggestions?

  54. I installed this on my Sprint 8830. Youtube works, but html email doesn’t. I logged into my blackberry account and resent my service books, but it still doesn’t work. Any one has the similar problem?

  55. I only have the HTML issue with my BES email. HTML email works fine on my BIS accounts.

  56. i have the same problem not viewing html emails hope resending service books will fix that

  57. Just finished downloading for a 8830 (sprint), will I be able to force roaming with this OS? this is a major issue with me. I need to be able to force roaming on a blackberry.

  58. Anybody seen for 8830 yet??

  59. Does anyone know if a Verizon 8830 running OS will be able to roam globally?

  60. Well, it still has that has part of it’s physical make-up, so the global roaming is still there.

  61. Looks like rapidshare deleted the file. Anyone know where I can snag it?

  62. Djeronimo email me i have it downloaded…[email protected]

  63. Yeah, RapidShare is blocking the file from being downloaded. Ramon, I just sent an email to you. I’ll even host an FTP site for a while to help some people out.

  64. goto for a link its on my page thanks

  65. Great overall, except they MUST increase alert volume. I can play the alerts in the player at a much higher volume (with the volume boost set on) than the alerts can play when needed!

  66. Sometimes the media player gets strange with bluetooth headphones that have controls. The pause button on the headset pauses the current audio, but seems to start a prior audio session, like perhaps 2 instances of the player are running. You can toggle between the two audio playbacks by pushing the pause button. three finger salute or battery removal fixes it.

  67. has anyone experienced and major battery drain because of a non-stop data connection? I thought originally it was an app that was running (i.e., Viigo) but turns out its must be a blackberry side process as i restored a backup to an 4.2.196 OS version and found the same issue….

  68. Anyone have another link the rapidshare link is dead. Ive been searching everywhere

  69. Yes, please can someone re-post this someplace where we can get it? I would love to give this a try, but cannot find it anywhere. Thanks

  70. anyone find a link for 8830

  71. There’s a

  72. Got the one for 8830. Google Maps still don’t work. Rolling back now.

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