OS For 8300, 8310, & 8320 Found Online!

R.P. just sent me an email to tell me that he found OS around the intraweb for the 8300, 8310, & 8320. You can see what he has found at this link on BlackBerryFree or below:

UPDATE: Links seem to be down




I can say that OS is extremely stable on the 8310 and is actually slightly improved from 4.2.2 in terms of speed.

Let us know if you find any bugs

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR.

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  1. Can you put a write up on how to do these updates.

  2. i just upgraded to 0.46 and find it stable and the best OS I’ve run so far… so, i’m a tad hesitant to go to another OS… but, I’m tempted….

    Anyone else? How is it?

  3. This is not different from the other 8320 posted earlier right?

  4. NVM They’re the same

  5. jscott: I am in the same position as you. I just upgraded to .46 and find it quite stable, but I’ve heard so many good things on .52 regarding speed and stability that I’m thinking of going through the hassle, again.

  6. Its worth upgrading 🙂

  7. Is there any love for the CDMA peps. I envy the GSM guys.

  8. I have used .46 since it came out and found that very occationally my phone reboots when I place or answer a call. i’ll be upgrading to this one as soon as I can!!

  9. I second the pain of being on CDMA…

  10. I upgraded from the .42 to .52 on my 8300. The .42 was great but the .52 is much faster. I was feeling like the BB stepchild.

  11. My 8300 loves this upgrade. Better than the .42.

  12. What about the 8820 anybody please

  13. Has it improved the volume level for the 8310?

  14. the volume of the ringtones were too low on my 8320 with .46 operating system…is there any improved on the volume of the ringtones on this .56 O.S???

  15. sorry .52 OS!!!!!

  16. Help!!!
    Im new to BB
    guys I was in ther process of upgrading to .52 when a blackout ocurred in my city, did that affect the process? how can I confirm if everything is ok?
    thank you for you

  17. The volume level on the .52 OS still sucks. You would think whoever is writing these programs they could fix a simple thing like this. I can’t believe the different between the old 4.2 OS and the new 4.5 OS. RIM needs new programmers.

  18. @ Anthony – I agree with you, but I guess they will fix it in the next release, volume isnt a “big” issue at the moment but I do get annoyed when I play a song and its really low lol.

  19. Ok I just installed it, and my homescreen folders have lost their distinctive icons. They are all the same yellow folders now. If I go to Edit them, I can’t choose any icons for them. That is a bug over the previous versions (I used .42, .44, and .46). I did not remove the vendor file nor edit the install for .52 in any way. This needs to be fixed!

  20. Also having to manually upgrade Documents to Go back to 1.002 (includes Sheets to Go) and GTalk back to 2.1.33 afterwards is not annoying. I thought it would also roll back Google Maps from 2.2.1 to 2.2.0 but it kept my newer version. So unpredictable!

  21. Thanks for the Update. I just downloaded it and Installed it andDid noticed that the Browser does work alot quicker. Thanks again.

  22. Nik it deleted your preloaded pics that are on the phone. Some reason its packaged up in there. I was using the prev release on tmo and I didn’t want to use maxmem to lose the colors for the folders. But hey I got my UMA back worth it.

  23. I don’t think they will fix the volume level for ringtones or music. How many versions does it take to correct this issue?

  24. Does this enable the handset side of HTML emails? My CDMA devices are working with it but will this enable it for the GSM phones now?

  25. Ok so besides my folder icons being missing (all folders now plain yellow) I also get a “index error” (something like 131072 >= 2) when I switch from one streaming source to another. Example, since Moodio.fm came up I use it about once a day to stream radio to my BB 8320. I tried OSs .42, .44, and .46. Now with .52 when I quickly switch from one radio station to another I get this annoying index error which actually crashes the BB Browser. After a few seconds the OS starts up the BB Browser since it is never really supposed to not be running. Hoping for a newer bulid to fix these issues soon!

  26. Worked after it nuked my Berry with a 507 error the first time through. I had to reload everything, but thankfully the loaderbackup file was good. everything is now OK.


    Documents To Go is still screwed up. Wants to delete my Sheets to Go each time I go through the App Loader in the DM.

  27. Im new to BB, how do you upgrade and should you back up your phone first? Also is it worth upgrading? I m running 4.2 on my 8310.

  28. I’m loving the .44 on my 8310 and am wondering what the .52 will improve besides speed. I think I’ll wait a bit and read more about what other people have experienced with their 8310s.

  29. Corrina
    July 10th, 2008 18:02

    I’m loving the .44 on my 8310 and am wondering what the .52 will improve besides speed. I think I’ll wait a bit and read more about what other people have experienced with their 8310s.

    Did you notice any change in the sound level for you ringtones on your 8310 since you upgraded the any of the new 4.5 OS versions?

  30. All the preloaded background pictures are gone on this version, but works otherwise. Datavis has a tech bulliten regarding the downgrade issue, simple file rename resolves the issue.

  31. I Cant Stream Videos On my bb I use all the beta i been on youtube an all it say when i stream is : “Content not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive” : im running t-mobile version i use .43 .35 an still nuthin… help??

  32. I loaded 8310:
    and now my 8310 ATT model keeps rebooting. Anyone have any ideas to fix??


  33. This is from a very reliable source:
    RE: curve 8310 ATT
    “”If you are experiencing “random reboots” and have a microSD card. Try removing it. Or better still back it up and reformat it within BB and restore contents at a later stage.””

  34. Rebooting is usually caused by a memory card formatted on the older OS. You can confirm it by removing your memory card. If that is the issue, back up your data, reformat the card then copy the data back.

  35. D/L’d 8310 curve and so far liking it…wish BBMAPS worked though,I miss my BB Maps..also the sound is lower,whats up with that? also if I do a battery pull…all my icons revert to default on my BB Dimension Today Plus theme,I have to hide and move my icons back the way I like em..whats up with that? thats a pain in the butt for sure! Other than that…I am liken it 😉 no other problems so far…

  36. I also think the sound level sucks. You think they would have correct this cause it has been an issue with every 8310 4.5 OS out there.

  37. Sounds like I will wait for the next beta – this one has FAR too many problems. RIM is going backwards it seems lately with these betas.

  38. has anyone had any problems with this new beta i installed it and it worked fine for the first 48 hours and i usually use wifi in my home and then all of a sudden this morning when im not using wifi just over the network it wont let me recieve any texts or phone calls it just keeps ring and then going to voicemail and no response from the hone at all is this a problem anyone else is having im using tmobile 8320

  39. ya thE CAMERA AND VIDEO COME IN MESSED UP on blackberry curve 8300

  40. when i try to use the link I get error meassage “Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server” does anyone know where I can get the .052 update?

  41. ganhei um blackberry 8310, estava funcionando tudo perfeito, mas minha sobrinha pediu para ver o aparelho e quando peguei de volta ele liga mais fica somente carregando e numca sai disso, sera que minha sobrinha apertou alguma tecla indevida e bloque-ou meu aparelho ou o soft dele, se alguem tiver alguma resposta por favor me ajude.

    Obrigado. pode enviar resposta para meu e-mail, [email protected]

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