Pinger – Free Voice SMS Application

The closest description I can come up with for Pinger is a Voice SMS system. For some reason I think I have heard of Pinger before but I can’t remember where…

PingerThe Pinger service lets you send voice messages directly to someone instantly over your data connection. It is like email with voice which ironically you can already do from a BlackBerry. I can see this having a few uses from a free MMS service to a way to leave somebody a quick message without having to risk them picking up the phone. I wonder if it will let you broadcast a message…

Turns out Pinger has a free BlackBerry application. You can register for Pinger from the application and also:

  • Add your phone contacts to Pinger so you can just say a name any time you send a message.
  • See all envelope information (from whom, sent when, duration) on your screen before deciding to listen to a new message.
  • View an inbox of your last 10 messages on your phone. Just click on any message to hear it instantly.

If you’re bored, this is worth a shot and a download. You can pick up the download link for the BlackBerry app at this link. Let me know what you think.

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