Google Talk Version 2.1.33 Now Available!

Nikolaus Walch just let me know that there is a new version of Google Talk available.


This is an upgrade from 2.0.46 to 2.1.33. As usual no changelog.

Let us know if you notice anything different!

To download head on over to: or go to this link

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  1. I hope they fixed the problems with the “unexpected errors”!

  2. Seems more stable sooooooooo far (not very far yet). I only noticed the login screen was slightly wider (small reformating)

  3. Did 2.0.46 have “Save Chat History?” This new version does seem to have more under “Settings”

  4. I’ve been using JiveTalk for AIM/Gchat integration (and avoiding sms charges from the AIM as my phone is corporate)…is there any benefit in using this “official” app?

  5. I wonder will this work with beta for my bb..?

  6. After installing it in my 8310 and restarting it.. I got a Live Messenger icon in the screen and successfully installed it. It seems to be compatible to 8310 now.. which previously was not

  7. It looks like a UI overhaul for me. Nothing MAJOR, but the fonts look clearer and larger.

    Also, in the chat window I’m getting time stamps for received and sent messages under my contact’s name as well as a different color for my contact’s name in the chat window (used to be red, now it’s orange).

    Looks like you can save status messages now too instead of saving the last status message you had up.

  8. @Nikolaus: I believe chat saving was always an option

    @Matt: JiveTalk is great for AIM but I use Google Talk in addition because of some of the features.

    You can have Google Talk conversations show up in your messages folder so there’s no need to switch apps just to get to your IMs. Plus, a notification icon pops up for Google Talk messages. JiveTalk doesn’t put up a notification except for the LED and changing its icon.

    Chatting on Google Talk is much more instantaneous than with JiveTalk also. I know for a fact that my IMs are received faster in Google Talk (tested by sending IMs to a computer while I was sitting next to the person).

    The biggest selling point for Google Talk is that it’s free. I love JiveTalk and I’m considering buying it (currently on my 30 day trial) but having to drop $20 for an IM program is hard for me to swallow.

  9. Saving chats to device or media card was not in previous version. Now includes file transfer and the ability to Group Messages in chat.

  10. I like voicemail and couldn’t imagine not having it. We only have a cell phone as our phone. We have no landline. So when people can’t reach is, then they can leave a message. Sometimes the phone goes straight to voicemail and never rings, so not having voicemail wouldn’t work.
    We still have many family and friends who don’t have email and/or messenging etc.

    Voicemail is vital for us

    Also, youmail doesn’t work with US Cellular 🙁

  11. “JiveTalk doesn’t put up a notification except for the LED and changing its icon.”

    You can have a “bubble” pop up, kinda interferes though, but this is because RIM hasn’t released their API’s for the Global message list yet, Gtalk supports it as it is a RIM developed application.

  12. ron they also updated da yahoo version to 2.1.33 dowloading now will check on da facebook version.

    ps: g talk option is giving a save to media card choice for chat history.

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