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3D GPS Navigation On Your BlackBerry

The guys at BlackBerryInsight spotted a new 3D navigation software called Navi2Go by 3DVU. It almost looks like a GPS navigation program using Google Maps satellite view. The application looks pretty cool and has some pretty cool features though it is not encouraging when most of the screenshots have a hourglass on them:


Their major struggling point is that they have priced themselves HIGHER than the already mature TeleNav. Navi2Go comes in 3 packages: $39 (3–months), $69 (6–months), and $120 (1–year). That is higher than the TeleNav package for $9.99 a month or $99 a year. This would have been an interesting contender if they just lowered their price. A nice perk is that the service is also available in the UK if you buy a UK plan.

Check out the details at this link or the subscriptions at this link

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  1. Great application!!

    It IS the same price as regular mapping navigation. Sprint is offering Navi2Go for $9.99 a month! Here’s the link – and Orange is selling it for 15 GBP for four months (comes out to $7.50 a month). Here’s the link –

    I like their game Flyder:

  2. Navi2Go does NOT use Google Maps satellite view. 3DVU has nothing to do with Google. 3DVU uses its own proprietary technology. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

  3. Man, I can’t imagine this app being even CLOSE to functional for automotive navigation unless these 3D visuals are somehow locally stored (on SD card???). Okay, “Mor” says they are unaffiliated with Google, but I’ve used Google Maps satellite view on my 3G Blackberry and it is painfully slow downloading satellite views. I can only IMAGINE how much worse it would be on an ATT or TMobile Blackberry where there is NO 3G available until Bold arrives. I’d have to do some serious trialing of this for me to believe in it, but since Verizon prevents me from using any GPS applications (unless I buy a external GPS puck) I guess it’s a no go for anyone but a Sprint Blackberry user.

  4. David is right. Navi2Go is offered on 3G devices:
    * World: 8800, 8820, 8830
    * Curve: 8310, 8330
    * Pearl: 8110, 8130

    No SD card is needed, only 3G network connection.

    Regarding the mention of cost, Navi2Go IS the SAME price as TeleNav. Sprint is offering Navi2Go to its customers for $9.99 a month. In the UK Orange is offering a four months service for 15 GBP.

    A free demo can be found at

  5. Uhm, Mor, you DO of course realize that 8800, 8820, 8310, and 8110 are NOT 3G? They are EDGE only. There is no GSM 3G Blackberry until the Bold is released. If your application REQUIRES 3G data retrieval speeds, your application would be limited (in the USA) to Sprint customers, or Verizon customers who have purchased an external Bluetooth GPS puck. I’m not sure if BellMobility (Canada) or any other CDMA (Mexico and elsewhere) carriers restrict the 8130/8330/8830 GPS chip like Verizon does, or if it’s open for 3rd party app use like these devices have with Sprint.

    Maybe YOU as a application developer could lobby Verizon to remove their restriction on 3rd party app access to the GPS chip in their 8130/8330/8830! 🙂 Otherwise we Verizon users would have to buy another piece of hardware to use your app.

  6. I went to to try the free demo from my Verizon 8830 running OS, and it says “Please open this page on your Mobile Browser”. I downloaded the software (WARNING, it is 1,446,648 bytes people!) OTA. Desktop downloads (zip file) are available if you want to go the Desktop Manager install route.

    Running the app prompts me enter a key, which I don’t have if I’m going to “demo” it, and the app shuts down for lacking a key. So I don’t seem to be able to “free demo” it.

  7. gives free demos for Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. I went to my phone’s internet browser and typed the link ( For the Navi2Go demo for BlackBerry I emailed [email protected] and got the public registration key: trial4u. That “free”s it.

  8. Thanks Don!

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