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Motorola Napoleon Q9 – When You Cant Innovate…

Motorolanapolean_1You know you have a good idea when others start copying you. I was just reading about the Motorola Napoleon Q9 on BoyGenius when I things started sounding familiar. How many Dual CDMA/GSM Verizon worldphones are there?

Turns out that the phone has a CDMA radio with EVDO Rev A! (Come on RIM) It also includes a Quadband GSM radio so it will even let you stick in an AT&T sim card as BGR tried.

8830napoleonIt adds some interesting stuff on top of the 8830 such as a fingerprint scanner, WiFi, stereo speakers, and the previously mentioned Rev A. If this were not plagued with Windows Mobile 6.1 I would say the 8830 Worldphone is in for some competition.

Hopefully the Touchscreen Thunder Worldphone will come on the scene with Rev A at least. Check out the Napoleon Q9 to compare.

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  1. Thought I read somewhere (BGR?) that the Thunder is supposed to have “EV-DO Rev C”. And that “no carrier supports that yet”?

    Ah well, RIM has never been known for being up to date with the latest gadgetry in their devices. I guess that’s either good or bad, depending on if you’re a “glass half full” or “glass half empty” type of person…

  2. David,
    That idea is bounced around at this link

    Rev A is the current standard with BB devices supporting Rev 0 which has more latency and slower uploads. Rev B brings 75Mbps speeds and Rev C brings 280Mbps speeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. At this rate, Im thinking about changing to Verizon.

  4. Yeah Ronen, I’ve seen the EV-DO roadmap. BUT i’ve seen no indication that either Verizon or Sprint (the biggest North America CDMA carriers) intend to go to anything beyond EV-DO Rev A? Verizon has said they are going to LTE (GSM’s version of 4G) and Sprint is entrenched in the WiMax camp. I don’t follow Canada much so not sure what Bell or Telus have planned for beyond Rev A, or what IUSACELL has planned for Mexico.

  5. The Q9 Napoleon might show Motorola’s new direction when it comes to naming its handsets. There are already rumors about a Motorola Alexander, which should bring a wide touchscreen display and a killer-camera of 8 Megapixels. I wonder what’s next: a “Moto Louis XIV”, a “Moto Hammurabi”? Well, the history books are filled with names of ex-kings, so Motorola won’t run out of inspiration in case it goes this way with its naming strategy.
    fans site already pop up see more there.

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