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DreamBerry Idea – Email Scheduler

I was having a look around for an emailing application for BlackBerry that schedules your email to send out at a pre-set time but couldn’t find one. Does any one know if such an application exists? 

This would be such a handy piece of software. You could set up pre-set emails messages for your friends or workmates birthday (especially if you are on a business trip or holiday), reminders to group emails for meeting etc, set a scheduled email to your house-sitter that the garbage is due to be collected the next day, etc, etc. Another example would be if you need to send an unimportant email to someone overseas and if you sent it straight away you would probably wake them up. Or even a cooling off period for those angry emails we sometimes write. (If you set say a 3 hour delay on the send then you have that time to think about what you wrote and change/delete it if you want).

So if there is nothing out there like this come on developers, this could be the next Big Application. Your thoughts ???

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  1. I have been seeking the same application.I am actually surprised it does NOT exist to my knowledge. Hopefully, someone will respond with more productive feedback

  2. Thank for the input Adam. If there isn’t one out there then maybe a developer can take up the cause..
    Greg Myers.

  3. What a great way to be able to send emails going out over the course of a work day so your boss would think you’re working, all the while you’re REALLY out on the links or otherwise goofing off. 😉

    I don’t think some developer should do this (though the BBSmart folks would be MY candidate for pulling it off), email scheduling ought to be just a part of the core BB OS itself. You ought to be able to hit the Blackberry button and there be an entry right below “Send” that opens a “Send Delayed” menu allowing you to delay outgoing for several preset amounts of time (1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours, etc.), along with one that opens a dialog letting you choose a custom date and time for some other future sending.

  4. I completely agree. I posted it on under the 3rd Party Software applications hoping that a developer notices it

  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback… and DavidB, thanks for the idea :)… if this does ever get built, I will let you know how well that one works . (Golf course is not that busy during the workday)

  6. There is such a thing, just google “Jott” and that’s exactly what this does. You email to a particular email address specific to your username that you register for and it’ll text message you (SMS) or email you a daily newsletter of things you have to do.

    Good luck!

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