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Apple Doing What RIM Should Have Done Ages Ago?

While reading this article on BoyGenius I could not help but think that RIM should have done this ages ago. Turns out that Apple is putting the screws to Rogers in Canada for announcing ridiculously high data rate plans for the upcoming iPhone 3G.Ruinediphone

The fact of the matter is that this might just be a big ploy to show a limited supply of iPhones. On the other hand Rogers really needs to get smacked upside the head with regard to them skinning their customers with ridiculous data charges. This just reminds me of when AT&T used to make me pay $10 a month for 1MB of data usage.

Can anybody make Rogers see sense? Or will Rogers customers always have to take heart medication when they get their monthly bill?

I have no idea but RIM does not seem to care…

via smithereens via BoyGenius

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  1. I have often wondered WHY iPhone has such a ravenous user community versus RIM? Blackberry has FAR more users around the world than does iPhone yet we get nothing for our devices but some leaked beta device software builds (we become uncompensated guinea pigs for RIM’s beta program). Blackberry has been on the market FAR longer than iPhone, yet the Blackberry user community does not seem able to muster the sort of “grass roots” user efforts that iPhone does. Look at last year, when Apple dropped the iPhone price, the user community that had bought into the first round was able to get concessions from Apple. Every new iPhone device software build for iPhone gets hacked (within DAYS or HOURS) to allow 3rd party apps to run, yet we can’t seem to get even close to that level of user interest (SIM unlocking, carrier GPS blocking disabled, etc.). I suspect a Blackberry to be FAR more secure a device than iPhone ever will be, but still, after all these years on the market, the Blackberry hacking community has produced little tangible result.

  2. Who cares about data prices? Doesn’t ur company juss pay for your blackberry? That’s why no one cares…

  3. RIM prides itself on having a “good” relationship with the carriers. Unfortunately “good” for the carriers means the consumers get screwed.

    Anyway having a “good” relationship with the carriers is like having a “great” relationship with AOL 10 years ago. Whoop de freakin do.

  4. Yeah I tried having a “good” relationship with RIM. That translated into keeping a smile on your face while bending over…

  5. RIM HAS gone and blasted carriers for this before, so I’m not understanding where the “Why don’t RIM do this” is coming from, and while it may be true RIM does pride it’s self on good carrier relations they have no problem with stepping in and pointing out the carrier flaws.

    The article while still viable here…if anything to prove that RIM did stand up to the carriers before.

  6. The problem is why RIM not making a point of showing their contention. They are the premiere wireless company in Canada. They have clout! Yet Canada remains one of the most expensive countries for wireless data! The crazy part is that they prices are not just high they are in the stratosphere compared to the US. For example even something as simple as T-Mobiles $10 a month email plan for the Pearl…

  7. Oh I so hate to defend Rogers here..I honestly and truly do..but Rogers has their $15 BIS only plan in comparison to the T-Mob $10 plan.

  8. Shows how much I know about Rogers. I usually dont cover them since I dont understand their data plans. Is it really $30 a month for 300mb? Users are going to get killed with the 3G bold…

  9. Well..I’m a Rogers customer so kinda experienced in their plans that’s for cover the viable plans…

    $15 BIS email only (akin to T-Mobiles Plan)






    Their is in-between plans but to keep it simple I outlined the basics..

    Right now, I pay $100 for 1GB, Rogers announced a few weeks ago the plans I outlined, but I refuse to chane mine right now, as I’m going to use it as a bartering tool to get my bold for cheaper ie..(You have new cheaper plans available, why on earth wasn’t I told about this?…Do I get a discount on my Bold for paying approx $200 more then I had too for the past 2 months?…No…retention dept please I wish to cancel) lol!!

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