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Update: CDMA OS For BlackBerry 8330 Found Online!

UPDATE: Issues remedied in this release:

– Shift-select has been fixed (in both messages and browser)
– Multi-input issue has been resolved in the browser
– Random reboot/hang issues during browsing is resolved/much-less
– SMS send delay/fault has been resolved
– Delay when calling or answering phone calls has been reduced

I was enjoying a relaxing 4th of July weekend but I had to take a break to post this. I just got a tip from another nameless faithful readers with a link to OS for the CDMA 8330. This is OS Rel 65. I know many of you have been dying to upgrade from the OS we mentioned before.

Sadly there is already a later release of OS Rel 74 but our tipster could not locate it. I am currently in the process of installing this on a Sprint 8330.

NOTE: Install at your own risk. This is probably a beta and may break your BlackBerry or even cause your home to self destruct. Please exercise caution and let us know your experiences in the comments.

Just as an example of where you can find for the 8330 check out the link below:

Thanks for the tip anonymous! Keep on sending them in!

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  1. Whatever you can do to locate an upgrade beta for 8830 would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Had to be a .4x or .5x release soon what with GSM having .4x betas for a couple weeks now. Hope its more stable than prior 4.5 CDMA releases.

  4. As soon as anyone gets this loaded, please let us know what fixes there has been, and also if there has been any new bugs crop up.

    Mostly Do we get our trackball click back yet???

  5. any reason the 8330 version wouldn’t work on the 8830? I would assume the camera functionality would be disabled but besides that…any thoughts??

  6. Downloading it as we speak will install it in 16 minutes

  7. dominik – you putting it on an 8330 or 8830?

  8. These OS’s are device specific so no you can’t install the 8330 version on the 8830

  9. OS Rel 74

  10. Anybody find it?

  11. so us 8830’s are stuck with it’s pretty buggy still.

  12. Supposedly there is rel 74 out for both 8330 and 8830 but i’m yet to come across it.

  13. I have the installer for 8830 rel74 but I have not installed it yet. I will keep you all updated when I get it loaded.

  14. How bout posting some links then. Share the love.

  15. I hope we have not ruined everybody’s Saturday night…

  16. Works very well on my 8330.

    The selection of multiple messages is working now and the problems with entering text in the Browser have been rectified.

  17. On my 8830 sms works fine, shift+scroll will highlight text and items again, track ball tick noise works, all ringers now work, and added voice notes recorder icon to desktop that allows you to actually record now.

  18. Another problem fixed when the phone screen goes black and press the trackball it wakes up it and doesn’t go to the applications that is highlighted. Only wakes up the phone.

  19. Come on Matt/Dom, share the 8830 love!

  20. Can this be installed on a 8830???????????

  21. Seems like they are checking this thread for problems or maybe some other place

  22. Anyone find the 8830 version yet?!?

  23. CC,
    The answer is no

    I have the same question.

  24. I found one bug….before when you received a voicemail message, you would get a message in your mailbox that said “voicemail”. Now, you no longer get that message but you still get a new message icon. The only way to clear the new message icon is to reboot the phone. Also, you now longer get an audible sound when you receive a new voicemail.

  25. Is anyone on Sprint getting full HTML e-mails with any of the Betas? I am getting semi HTML e-mails….I can get some of the images when I select “Get Images”, but some images will not download no matter what I do. I have HTML enabled and download all images enabled for all of my e-mail accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  26. The digital signature for this file is not validating under Windows Vista, it claims “the digital signature is not valid”, yet it was signed by RIM. My downloaded copy is the same size as on rapid share, thus I’m pretty suspicious that the file has been tampered with. Thoughts?

  27. works fine so far, installed under Vista with no issues on my end. Still trying to find a bug

  28. Sprint TV worked for awhile then died, can’t even get menus now..

  29. The alternate copy at is also displaying an invalid signature. It could mean the installer has been tampered with. Experimenter beware…

  30. This version seams to have fixed the bugs that I noticed in the earlier version. I haven’t noticed any additional issues. I really wish that they would add the newer docs to go the beta.

  31. has anyone tested this on the 8330 Curve on Verizon I am hearing about a newer release then this for the 8330 Curve has anyone seen it

  32. I have this on the 8330 Curve, still having problems playing certain video files, sometimes reboot on playing streams through youtube or other sites, the player hangs and then phone reboots, but other than that, it is working so far so decent

  33. I am running the on my Verizon 8330 Curve now which runs great the only thing that aggravates me is when you touch the track ball it opens whatever I may try this one Knowing that the minute I get done there will be a link to and that will suck

  34. Would some please upload .51 for the 8830 to rapidshare and give us the link OR tell us what keywords to enter on google to find it ourselves?

  35. Heyo, Telus BB curve 8330 on stock OS , i am downloading this OS right now, will try and get back to this forum and post my results + any bugs i can dig up.

  36. Back with the update to Succesufly! with no complications, 30 minute aprox. for install, only thing to be noted is my facebook ican was removed, but application manager still says it is installed, so i will be reinstalling that and see what happens. other then that minor bug, everything seem to be in order.

  37. Facebook issue fixed, used desktop manager and removed it, after which the icon popped up AFTER it had been removed. Clicking on it brought up the screen offering me if i would like to download Facebook , Yes , Follow instruction, problem fixed ^_^ , everything is 100% up to this point

  38. Text selecting is fixed. Everything is running well on Verizon 8330!

  39. Installed on Verizon 8330 from
    All previous bugs fixed:
    – Couldn’t enter text in web browser
    – Call Status screen delay when getting an inbound call
    – Couldn’t make outbound SMS
    Awesome update. Hope 8830 people get as lucky soon.

  40. no one else has noticed this bug? I haven’t seen any responses to my first post so i’m curious……

    “I found one bug….before, when you received a voicemail message, you would get a message in your mailbox that said “voicemail”. Now, you no longer get that message but you still get a new message icon. The only way to clear the new message icon is to reboot the phone. Also, I am no longer getting an audible sound when I receive a new voicemail.”

  41. @JFig24

    I have not noticed this, BUT, I’m VZW. Maybe it’s isolated to Sprint? I even made a phone call to my phone and left a voicemail message to test it out. I not only received the message alerting me of a voicemail, but I heard the sound, too. Likewise, the voicemail icon went away after I checked it, too.

    So far, this seems like a pretty stable release. Everything that marred seems to have been fixed, especially the clunky browsing.

    HTML e-mail is working like a charm, too, after just a simple re-sending of the service books.

  42. Bug Found:

    When media is playing and a notification chimes in, the media does not auto resume anymore.

  43. I had a file that was unrecoginized and was deleted on my install it was Net_Rim_Vad_Engine_Resource
    Did anyone else see this? Everything seems to work ok.

  44. The VAD files are for your voice dialing. If you don’t use that you won’t be affected by the missing file

  45. You know what’s irritating? People who have posted on multiple boards that they have, even posted test results from it, and NOT UPLOADED IT SOMEWHERE FOR THE REST OF US.

    Let’s cut to the chase. You’re cool, we’re not, yay you have the bragging rights… now please share.

  46. Telus 8330 working like a charm here since last night. Seems to be a little easier on the battery. Might just be me though.

    Nice update.

  47. It’s more than irrating. Anywho, how is it that can be loaded on 8830 and 8330, but is only for 8330? Anyone tried it on an 8830?

  48. The OS’s are device specific. A version for 8830 hasn’t been made “publicly” available yet. There is a .45 and .51 release for both devices. Just have to wait until someone is nice enough to put it up on rapidshare or somewhere else.

  49. I’m having the same VM issue that Jfig24 had. HTML email is not great either. Some image load OK….

  50. Good to know i’m not the only one with these bugs Hitnar. Are on Sprint or Verizon?

  51. I’m on Sprint

  52. I upgraded my Sprint 8330 to and found one minor bug with the text messages as well.

    If I send a text to myself from: hxxp://

    I do not get the sound notification, the text indicator at the top increments, and the text folder shows I have a message, but I can not see it. On this worked fine. I think it has to do with the name being blank, when sending text from this site. Text from other users works just fine. Any one else try this?

  53. Great Download no issues so far

  54. i’ve played with the new upgrade for a whole 24 hours now. Telus BB curve 8330, without issues, but 1 thing that im wondering about. Wasnt 4.5 suppose to support YouTube videos? ( mobile version too ) still dont work. can anyone else check, and confirm this? to make sure it just isnt a Telus thing

  55. Youtube works for me I am having intermittent connectivity with my browser though. Sometimes pages take forever to load. I have sprint

  56. My Sprint is working with You tube mobile fine, the only bug I see is the voice mail icon that doesn’t disappear. Battery life is good and Sprint TV is functional. HTML email works with the occasional image that needs to be manually loaded. I’m sure a final approved firmware will address all these issues, lets face it were guinea pigs at this point.

  57. Mattguyver, could you tell us where we could find this? PLEASE!!!!!

  58. My video plays fine wether it be U tube or any other stream But if I stop a movie before it finshes playing I get a large memory leak If I let the clip complete Its ok The only way to fix it when I stop a movie is remove the battery.

  59. He won’t post it, he’s either prevented by law/agreement or … well, I won’t speculate why ELSE.

  60. Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of hourglassing? I get a lot with SMS text, Ill hit send the menu stays up hour glass then it gets sent. Home to full application list and I get an hour glass, and for a good few seconds too

  61. Yeah I’ve had the same experience. The new OS no doubt has a larger memory footprint than the previous ones.

  62. I loaded .33 a week or so ago and while it has some bugs, it works well. I knew it was a beta or a “leaked” version but I am pretty well versed in this technology so I think I know what I’m doing. I can handle it if something goes wrong and I need to change things. That being said, when I hear someone say ” the latest OS is out there!!!”, I’m thinking that if it has been uploaded somewhere, I could find it, install it and make my BB even better. I don’t have a problem with anyone saying that they have a new version that was releaed to THEM for testing and maybe a few others, but just tell us that. We trust that you’ll let us know the details and eventually. we’ll get it. I just think it’s wrong to let 10,000 addicts think there is a new version and for three days everyone is going bonkers googling evrything to try to find it when the original posters know it’s not out there. Mattguyver said on another site that this version is so good that only 1 or 2 more releases before the final release tells me that it was probably a private release to him and a few others. That’s great, I appreciate that there are people involved that get to these sites and keep us informed of the progression. Just please don’t tease everyone.

  63. I installed and I have the same Voicemail bug as described a few posts above, a battery pull will eliminate the message icon on the top of the screen. Also I’m using a “ZEN” theme with the icons aligned to the side and after arranging the icons the way I like and doing a battery pull, it will not remember the placement of the icons on the side.

    Otherwise a decent OS and hopefully will correct these minor issues.

  64. Any one have the new beta for the 8830

  65. I’m still waiting for the 8830 version… I’m sick of having to delete every message 1 by 1…

  66. I am wondering when someone will find for the curve 8330 I see its there for the 8300,8310 and 8320 The same release has to be somewhere for the 8330

  67. Or the which is supose to be the latest for the curve 8330

  68. 8300,8310 and 8320 are GSM phones and the software from them is different.

  69. If some finds a link for OS for the 8330 please post it here!

    Cheers in advance!

  70. I found a bug on .45. If you use the 3.5m headset jack you will have to reboot the phone to hear someone on the other end of the call.

  71. any help out there on forwarding mms pictures to others. did the 4.5 up date. get pics from other ok , everytime i send they get a link not the pictures???

  72. @kevin:
    Dude, that was JULY!!! We’re up to like 90th revision since then! Go seek On Sprint MMS won’t work with any prior version. Upgrade then make sure to log into your BIS and send service books. Any other carrier, install .135 to pc, delete vendor.xml, upgrade, and send service books.

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