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Review: MaxMem – Free Memory Optimizer

Review: MaxMem
[rating:9] 9/10
Cost: FREE!!!

Yesterday you may have seen Ronen’s post on MaxMem. If you are playing around alot with applications and different Handheld Codes to unlock themes, things can get a little messy at times. So I had no hesitation in trying out this application from the guys over at BerryCoder.

MaxMem certainly does live up to what it says about freeing Memory on your Berry. The amount of Memory made available may vary depending on how you manage your own BlackBerry but it will no doubt go through the few apps you don’t think about when you purchased or upgraded your Berry.

BerryCoder has a simple and to the point interface made up of Buttons for each of the applications to be removed. The sad part is that the documentation is very sparse.

NOTE: You can really screw up your BlackBerry and the BlackBerry OS by deleting certain applications. Personally the only ones I can recommend are VAD (Voice dialing) and PTT (AT&T’s push to talk)

Prior to the actual uninstall of the application you are prompted twice before proceeding, one to confirm you have made a backup and the second a disclaimer with regards to Data Loss just to safeguard the Developers….Make those Backup’s.

I tried MaxMem on several BlackBerry model’s with the same result of freeing up anything from 2mb – 5mb, which maybe enough for that next application or a extra thousand or so Email’s… 😉

There one or two things that would be great to round MaxMem off and that would be a Reset Button for the required Hard Reset and possibly to extend this to uninstalling the third-party apps via a List reference. How they would actually do this only a Developer would know. Esentially like Add/Remove Programs many are familiar with. Right now the Application is specific to RIM applications (actual COD files) and Themes and does not let you remove 3rd party applications. I checked to make sure and it did not remove my 3rd party theme.

This however is early days for the “BlackBerrian’s” from BerryCoder, as they coined themselves as being, so I certainly hope to see more from them in the future. The install is quick and is not a large application and as posted earlier by Ronen you can download it OTA from


  • Free
  • Easy to remove programs that RIM wont allow you to
  • Simple to use


  • Not enough documentation
  • You can really screw up your BlackBerry
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  1. “You can really screw up your BlackBerry”

    LOL! I think this one might out weigh the pros a little bit. 😛

  2. I have 3 folders on my Home screen. After I ran this application, they no longer have their colors, they all look the same. When I click “Edit”, I can change their names, but not their color. I have backups, but how do I get that specific feature back?

  3. Hey Luciano, when you tried to change the folder, did you click on the folder to activate the scrolling of the Folders, Probably a dumb Question….but I have noticed this has changed from previous “code versions” that had an already active scrolling of the folders.

  4. Yes, I tried that. Not possible anymore. I killed my colored folders. :-\

  5. Luciano, have you tried running Application Loader in desktop manager? If you have the Blackberry device OS installed on your computer, it should detect it and allow you to reinstall the missing cod file. HTH.

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