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UPDATE: False Alarm Please Ignore – Sorry Guys Jumped The Gun

UPDATE: May be a false alarm. This seems to have application version in a build…

UPDATE #2: Looks like a false alarm. I just thought this was too good to be true and it was. Forgive me for getting your hopes up… Still waiting for confirmation.

UPDATE #3: Confirmed this is a false alarm. Once again sorry for the confusion.

One of our readers, Robbie, just let me know that OS is available from Dialog Sri Lanka (east asian version). It is OFFICIALLY available for the 8100, 8110, 8120, 8310, 8320, & 8800!!! Not sure what the application version of means. I hope it is not a false alarm.


You can pick up the download from this link below but dont forget to delete the Vendor.xml file before installing…

Thanks Robbie and have a Happy 4th of July!!!

Let us know if you like OS!!!

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  1. what is the difference between .52 and .44..i just added .44 YESTERDAY!!!

    I know im a little behind but i was scared to do it….

    could somebody point out the upgrades of .52???

  2. Question,

    Is this safe to install on a T-Mobile 8800?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. For me there’s an error!!
    This is the with release!!!!
    My, has release!!!
    There’s a description error on site…

  4. there will not be issue with it being the east asia build for use in english/usa right?

    any vendor.xml files to delete?

    Thanks…i wonder if this might fix my bbm new device error when I reboot.

  5. This is the release, not Check the “Applications” version number.

    There are other (newer) versions out there, though not official.

  6. Sorry guys seems to be a false alarm on my part
    I was excited there for awhile…

    I have seen OS in action and it was much more stable from what I hear. I really wanted it to be true…

  7. All BlackBerry sites I know of refer to the Application version number – NOT the Package Version number. This is version

    I couldn’t get it to finish an Enterprise Activation on my AT&T 8800 without it rebooting. I’ve been told the BES Server must be updated for 4.5 to work.

    BTW – I posted this on Saturday here – check my Blog on PinStack.

  8. 44 is newer, the title is misleading as it is package version .52 not application version .52. package version .52. has application so is newer, do not attempt to upgrade as it is actually a downgrade.

  9. @ Jerry
    That is a great little list you have going there. Nice work!

    @ All
    Sorry all for getting your hopes up

  10. I think for those interested in installing pre-release OSs we need an e-mail list so we can find out right away when a new version is found for download. How’s that sound Ronen? Can we sign up and BerryReiew will e-mail us when a new build of 4.5 (maybe even 4.6) is found?

  11. I think it would defeat the purpose because we dont only check this site for updates on a OS. For those who visit the site everyday who know whats up to date lol.

    ALso BOOOO at Ron for false alarms, lol j.k

  12. yeap false alarm

  13. Good Day – i ready your postings – i guess the people at are on some prelist or something because they show that IS available are on

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