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Google Maps 2.2.1 Voice Control On Your Curve & 8800!!!


Keep in mind this is REALLY not supported by Google since they only support it for the 8110, 8120, & 8130. This is the new voice search version that was released as an experimental version by Google.

8100-tutorial-infiniteOne of our readers, Hank, discovered that you can install it on a 8300 or 8800 series device just by going to the download link directly.

If you can’t risk some issues with your Berry I WOULD NOT INSTALL THIS! Don’t say I did not warn you!!!

But I can confirm that it does work like a charm on my AT&T 8310 (OS & Sprint 8330 (OS & AT&T 8800 (OS 4.2)!

Just head on over to this link from your BlackBerry Browser:

Thanks Hank!

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  1. What kind of issues comes with running it on an AT&T 8310?

  2. How can this work is vlingo is already installed? will it interfere?

  3. Didn’t work with my Sprint 8330 running 4.3.

  4. The update (v2.2.1 (#2227)) installs on my 8830 with OS v4.2.2.196, but the voice control is not available. I am a guessing that there is a minimum OS required for this feature.

  5. Are you holding down the left soft button?

  6. Anyone with a 8130 have a problem with this? whenever i press the left button while in google maps it just launches whatever the left conveinence key is set to open

  7. Lance G..I check and it does not interfere with vlingo…vlingo runs outside of programs and this is a feature only when in google maps i presume.

  8. the voice part does not work for me.
    8800 tmobile.

  9. 8320 – tmobile – running 4.2.x – vlingo NOT installed –
    perfect. no problems. very cool.

  10. yep 8830 here with 4.5OS… voice doesnt work =(

  11. Per google website:

    Supported now on the following BlackBerry devices: 8110, 8120, 8130 (US only)

  12. As I said only the pearl 2 is supported but it works on quite a few other devices. That screenshot above is on a 8310 with os 4.5

  13. The voice doesn’t work for me either. I have a Curve 8310 with Pressing the left soft key works and it brings up the voice entry popup however no matter what I say I either get “Google Maps can’t connect” or something about not having enough of a signal when I have 4 full bars. Yet it works perfectly on my friend’s pearl 🙁

  14. Yeah I had to reboot and then it did connect. I tried it and it is very accurate. I said radioshack and it found radioshack. Pretty cool…

  15. AT&T 8310 w/ OS and no dice, even after rebooting. “Can’t connect” or “Signal Too Weak” msgs. So sad..

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