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RANT! The Promising BlackBerry Wallet – What Happened?

I know 2 rants in one day is a bit much but I am curious to learn what happened to this promising application. We told you that it was released back in May. We then followed up with instructions on how to integrate it into a mobile website. Now we are almost 2 months later and still I have yet to hear of a shopping website that supports the application. Even for something as simple as buying ringtones or wallpapers.

RantThe Wallet application promised to simplify the online shopping experience from your BlackBerry. I have yet to hear of one company or website that supports this application! I tried speaking to a few and most are not even interested in it. I know some of you are going to say it is a bit too early to rant since it takes quite awhile for websites to adopt a standard. On the other hand RIM should be offering to promote a list of all websites that support the standard.

The problem is that it seems like RIM is not even bothering to promote the Wallet application standard. They have not even implemented it on their own website which by the way does not even have a mobile version. Also if they were really serious about the applications adoption they would have included it with all of the new devices that were just released with OS 4.5! All we have is a simple description on their website with a few paragraphs of text. YAY!

So what happened RIM? Was the Wallet just an afterthought? Is this just another Microsoft Wallet/Passport?

Let me know if you heard anything!

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  1. “I have yet to hear of one company or website that supports this application!”
    Is BerryReview Store going to support it?

  2. No worries Ronen. Two Rants in one day is fine. I say More Rant, cuz there is plenty to Rant about these days!

  3. Meh! I think it was just something to toss out there to say “Hey, look we did SOMETHING, it’s new, it’s cool download it” but hey…we got a flickr app too..yayy!!
    /end sarcasm

  4. David I have been trying to speak to the store people to support it but its not easy. Most companies do not want to be the first to implement an unproven technology let alone support it. Especially since rim seems to have forgotten about it. Just a stupid one off…that had so much potential!

  5. Bplay uses it

  6. Just got an email from bplay. At the end of it was this: BLACKBERRY WALLET PAYMENT NOW AVAILABLE AT BPLAY
    We are pleased to announce that Bplay now offers payment via the BlackBerry Wallet, a product recently launched by RIM. The Wallet allows you to quickly pay for Bplay products using pre-entered account and credit card information, making your purchasing experience a breeze. If you don’t already have the Wallet, click here to download.

    I think you were a day too early with the rant! Lol

    Keep up the good work though!

  7. That’s cool Ronen. Wasn’t raggin’ you bud. HOWEVER, if the big ‘berry sites supported it (here, crack, etc) a user base would form. Vendors don’t want to implement a payment method if there are no customers that would use it! I’m with you, RIM should support it on their own site first, and then help the evangelists sites set it up, and then it could grow outside of just BB sites.

  8. I just got an email from BPlay and it states at the bottom of the message that they now take payments thru Blackberry Wallet. Someone must have read your rant! 🙂

    Happy Berrying!

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