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QSMS – Free Keyboard Shortcut To Compose SMS

TheletterqI know quite a few people who have asked me if there was a keyboard shortcut to send an SMS message. Just like you can hit ‘C’ to compose an email.

BerryCoder once again comes to the rescue with QSMS. If you install this application you can use the ‘Q’ shortcut to compose an SMS!

The best part is that it is free!!!

You can pick it up OTA by going to from your BlackBerry.

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  1. cool tip.. so simple.. but yet so useful!!! thanks.

  2. Sweet 🙂

  3. great simple app
    love it

  4. Hey I’m running 4.5 on my 8820 and it doesn’t work …. Any ideas?

  5. I am also on OS 4.5 for the 8830. No luck so far getting this to work. I have Docs to go installed and have set the permissions all to allow.

  6. tried it on my 8320 with and it doesnt work.

  7. It would be great if RIM would allow us to assign actions/apps in the OS to unused keys ourselves.

  8. Yeah RIM loves to hold back the small things. For example why can’t we create our own damn homescreen shortcuts!!! They just don’t seem to get it some times…

  9. Well so I guess it doesn’t work on 4.5 …………… Dang it I was so hoping ……………

  10. I will let the devs know about the 4.5 issue

  11. Q is the shortcut key for RIN’s BlackBerry Enterprise Messenger.


  12. I installed it on an 8310 running and it’s working great. I’m only on BIS.

  13. Only on BIS aswell and not working at all for me 🙁

  14. Oh no. Do you mean that the keyboard shortcuts on qwerty devices that I’ve known and loved with pre-OS 4.5 devices no longer work? On my 4.2.2 8830, keyboard shortcuts like ‘c’ for Compose work great.

  15. Yes the shortcuts still work with 4.5, but as always the “Dial from home screen” option needs to be disabled thru the phone menu options.

    Those that the shortcut is not working for should verify you have it shut off also.

  16. Why not just use the keyboard shortcut ‘c’ from the home screen, go to the name you wanna text, menu click to sms then start typing. Next time you do the same thing it will automatically remember what you did last time and will assume that you want to text that person. or am i missing something?

  17. Ok so on 4.5 you hav to disable the dialing from home screen to use it …. Dose anyone know if in like 4.2 you don’t need too? I live off dialing from the home screen ….

  18. Yes on OS 4.2 you also have to disable dial from home screen. Once you have disabled the option dialing from homescreen still works but you have to “press and hold” until it dials. I quick press activates the shortcut.

    The same goes for OS 4.5.

    I hope this helps clarify things.

    Happy Berrying!

  19. Thanks Peg, glad to know they’re still there in os4.5. I can’t live without the keyboard shortcuts. On my Pearl I just couldn’t do much without the shortcuts like on my 8830.

    Kaleb, I’ve lived fine so far without dialing from the home screen, all it takes is an extra press of the green send button anywhere to bring up the call screen, from there, I just make my calls. HTH. Thanks for the info.

  20. Hey! Silly question I know… Where can I disable to shortcuts from home screen??

  21. Hit the green send key, which takes you into the phone application. From there hit the menu key and go to Options, it’s in there.

    Good Luck and Enjoy.

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