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Moodio Beta – Listen To Streaming Radio Free From Media Player

I was just reading a post by Hayden about an interesting service by Moodio. The service essentially lets you listen to most web radio feeds from the native RIM media player application. It just recodes them into low bitrate streams.

StreamingradioFrom what I can tell this is OS 4.5 only but it may work with OS 4.3. What you need to do to make it work is go to from your desktop and sign up. You then search and add radio streams to your profile. You then go to from your BlackBerry and sign in. Then just click on the radio station you wish to listen to from that site.

It worked for me on my 8310 on AT&T with OS but worked much better on my 8330 from Sprint with OS due to the EVDO speeds. If you need some help check out this thread on PinStack.

Done. Now if only Pandora would offer streaming radio for BlackBerry…

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  1. :: why T-mobile , why with your non 3G speeds to stream Radio ::

    Dam you all with your highspeed internet, lol.

  2. URL correction:

    Feel free to delete this comment after correction is made 😛

  3. No go on Rogers 8300 OS..

    “Content not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive”

    BerryTunes 2.5 is the only thing so far that i have used that streams podcasts and such, which btw works great even on EDGE.

  4. Hey I have Tmo 8320 and This app works perfectly even when I’m on edge, better when im on wifi but perfect on edge. I have os 4.5, dont know if it works with 4.2.

  5. It even works better than that stupid XM satellite radio app, and this is only streaming through the internet browser. The only thing is I cant ad any URL’s for my own radio stations online. No one in their forums even has a solution for this. That really sucks.

  6. Thanks for catching that bla1ze. I still have .com seared in my brain. It makes those .fm & .us addresses very hard to remember

  7. Lance, and the worst part of the XM Radio app is that you’re locked into THEIR selection of 20 or so channels at a monthly subscription rate! All so you can say you have streaming content on your blackberry! Absurd!

  8. Hey Lance, which OS do you have? I also have the T-Mo 8320, am running and get “Error Playing. An error has occurred attempting to play media.” I had this error when I ran .42 and .44 too, but then it would reboot my BB. with .46 that doesn’t happen. I still however can’t stream moodio. This is the same error i get when attempting to watch YouTube videos. I can stream YouTube if at home over my T-Mo router, so maybe the WiFi at work is the cause.

  9. Hi, Oele from Moodio here.

    Ronen: you have corrected the URL in the text but the link beneath is still .

    Lance: which stations are you trying to add? I might be able to help..

    Nikolaus: Moodio uses the same streaming technology as YouTube does. If YouTube works at home, i think Moodio will too.

  10. Oele: I can get it to work over WiFi, but when my phone switches to UMA (still at work here) I get the error. Haven’t tried it at home, but stince YouTube works there, I image this will too. One question: can we have info on WiFi router settings which will help/harm a UMA BlackBerry’s ability to use Moodio? I imagine router settings might fix this. Thanks!

  11. YouTube works on my 8330 but for some reason the media player opens and just sits there when I access a stream from moodio. Nothing plays. Any ideas?

  12. Oele,

    Please provide contact info for support. I created an account, but the email with my password was never sent. I also tried using the forgot password option and still never got an email. I know the account was created because I tried to sign up again, and it told me that username and email account were already created. Thank you.

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