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MaxMem – Free Memory Optimizer – Free 5MB Of Space!

I just got an email from BerryCoder that they have released a free memory optimization application for BlackBerry. They claim it frees up to 5MB of memory on your BlackBerry no matter what the type! Not only it releases memory, you will also feel slight increase in response time. MaxMem will remove apps, themes, and files in your BlackBerry that you don’t use.

It does remove Voice Dialing, Push to talk, and quite a few other pesky applications. For now I cannot confirm these claims of freeing 5 megabytes of memory but Gareth is working on testing out MaxMem.

NOTE: Please backup your BlackBerry before trying this application!!! 

You can download it OTA from

Installation and description are after the jump!

1. Head to or click at this


2. Install the application MaxMem to your BlackBerry

3. Click on the MaxMem Elephant icon after you backup your BlackBerry database

4. Choose from below tools

5. Answer yes only if you have back up your data

6. Answer yes only if you understand that BerryCoder will not be hold accountable for any error done by the use of MaxMem.

7. Answer yes only if you are sure that you want to delete the cod (it will ask for authorization for every cod)

Removed Applications:

– Remove VAD (Voice Activation Dialing)

    This feature enable BlackBerry to dial using voice.

– Remove PTT (Push To Talk)

    This feature is usually found in AT&T released BlackBerry and can only be used in AT&T network

– Remove MDS – Don’t remove this if you are a BES user

– Remove Media

    All the media (sample video, wallpaper, etc) that comes from OS default

– Remove Themes

    All themes other than Zen theme will be removed but you get to authorize each theme cod file

– Remove RIM Internal Tools

    Used by RIM to monitor beta OS (Quincy, Battery Log, etc)



To avoid data loss in case of error, such as accidentally deleted currently used theme, do back up  BlackBerry database using Desktop Manager.

Any error on the BlackBerry can be restored using Desktop Manager



BerryCoder shall not be held responsible for any data loss.

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  1. Testing this out right now as well

  2. Free’d up about 4mb of space!

  3. I wasnt sure about removing some media because I dont know if its the Fave 5 T-mobile stuff. Other then that Ive done the rest of this stuff before the program came out lol.

  4. Tried this on the Sprint Pearl 8130 and it works great. Freed up the 5mb it said it would. Thanks.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed with this app…although I was kinda leary, made a back up ran it and it did as it said it would..perfect.

    When in doubt of files for removal though, make sure you leave them.

  6. Whoaaa Never had so much free Mem 70MB!!!!!

  7. This is a dangerous tool if you’re not carful… I took it off cause my fingers are too quick.

  8. after the VAD is removed, is one able to properly view Settings > About? (not that its that important, but just curious)

  9. I also used this as described, and I didn’t gain much of anything at all. Even after a reboot. Using on an 8320.

  10. Well, MY FAULT for using it, but I wish someone would give a more detailed description of what gets removed under each section. I didn’t know this was going to remove the Folder Icons. Now all my folders look the same, and I doubt removing those Icons saved me any useful amount of memory!

  11. I am going to re-install to get things back to how they were. Nice idea tool, but informing the user what all it does is lacking. I miss the “About” under options, and my Folder Icons. I’d be fine if I could just have those two back.

  12. This app killed my themes. It deleted all themes but BB Zen, but is what it’s supposed to do, but now I can’t reinstall my bphone theme. It won’t show up on the list even after reinstall of the theme. Be careful with this one. I’m ending up having to reinstall the OS.

  13. LoL, see I told you, this app told me about deleting media Icons and stuff and such and it sounded dangerous :-X lol. I think the only thing to remove is VAD.

  14. Thank you for using BerryCoder Apps.

    We see that there are some issues regrading the MaxMem app and BerryCoder is in the process to write up a better procedure and FAQs.

    Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to explain.
    MaxMem Removal Tool is divided into 6 Parts, VAD, PTT, MDS, MEDIA, THEMES, and RIM TOOLS. The tools explanation has been described in the release note.
    Also, everytime you choose tool that will delete multiple cod files it will ask you for each cod that will be deleted so in other words, you can choose which cod you want to keep and delete. I hope this will solve the Themes problem because you don’t have to delete your favorite theme cod.

    BerryCoder ask you to change to Dimension Zen first because you might accidently press the wrong button when you delete a theme. If you delete theme that is being used, you might end up with a white screen (never tried before just assuming).

    If you think you need the cod files back, you can always plug you BlackBerry Handheld to Desktop Manager and run the Application Loader. (Assumind you already installed the Device OS in your computer).

    Hope this explanation helps. Thank you once again for trying our apps.

  15. As far as the themes go I had 6 custom themes, not once did I get to the option to delete them all it asked me was 2 themes which was the icon and today theme. It trashed my themes, I had to reload the OS because even when I did a backup it was still messed up. It wouldn’t re-install themes even from the loader. 8830WE Sprint

  16. What are the detailed steps to reload the themes without having to totally reload the OS?

  17. Is there a way to restore the “New Folder” Icon?

  18. Emilio,

    Install device OS to your computer, plug your BB to your computer then run application loader from DM.

    Hope it helps.

  19. If I remove VAD, will I still be able to use Vlingo? I like Vlingo but found the BB voice dialing was useless. It recognizes nothing. However, Vlingo is pretty good with a little work and I find myself liking and using it. So will removing VAD disable voice capability altogether? Thanks

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