Update: Life On OS Is Pretty Stable

With all the new beta codes, valid or otherwise, doing the rounds it has been hard to keep track of the best release. As of now the latest build seems to be as we recently mentioned. Those that have installed OS are reporting back that the release is quite stable compared to previous versions. Keep up the good work RIM!

There seems to be some doubt as to the authenticity of this release since it varies from the standard we are used to seeing in RIM betas. Meaning the software is designed for the BlackBerry but the code has been re-bundled as the screenshots shows below.


This includes the naming of the files found in some links, which are non standard. The comments on the installer state that this build was built by Inno Setup and not the normal Research In Motion and there is no formal File Version. I can only imagine that this was the result of extracted files that were then built into the beta we have now.

During the installation I noticed some changes in the Firmware code with regard to Theme selection. This lends weight to my assumption that this is a Beta/Internal release for RIM Testing. Or it could just be a fix of the ALX by those that rebuilt this release, and the all famous Quincy (Removal), Celldata and (an application I have never seen before) Battery Log. These are packaged into an Internal Apps installation that comes along with this OS.



The installation seemed to be a standard install, nothing different other than the few extras mentioned where you can choose which vendor theme to install.


Starting up after the upgrade was very long, 24 Minutes, with the battery pull startup being quicker at times and other times not. Overall not much difference noticed, 2 1/2 to 3 minutes seemed normal to be the normal average for a reboot.

The internet browsing and overall handheld performance actually seems improved. The browser looks like it does a fetch of the page and then load of of the page quite quickly. Given that the device in this case is on a BES running 4.1.5, there maybe some further performance gains with MDS.

The handheld performance overall is very stable compared to previous releases. Hopefully with further tweaking of what is installed and running on the Device this will continue to improve.

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  1. Awesome I have .44 installed but after reading this maybe ill install .46 🙂

  2. We still say use at your own risk.

  3. I installed it yesterday and I had my doubts on doing so, I was running .37 for ab few weeks and everything was working perfectly, I tried installing .44 and it had a little problem, the voice dialing feature only came in english, needless to say I downgraded to .37. After the upgrade to .46 yesterday, the first thing I looked for was the voice dialing languages, sadly it’s only in english again.
    Now there’s the dilema. Do I go back to .37 and it’s freezing every now and then, or do I keep .46. I think I’ll keep it for now, it is faster and it seems stable enough to run it on a day to day basis.

  4. I have had .46 on my 8320 for a few days now and have had ZERO problems with it. Best release so far.

  5. I’m hesitant. 42 was the best one I’ve had but I barely have ne problems with 44. I still needa decide if I shuld waste an hour of my time upgradeing… Lol

  6. i instaled .46 works well but i cant seem to get html in email to work i foolowed all the steps but it just wont work. i have tmobile any thoughts ?

  7. My only issue is the decrease in volume for ringtones and sounds and also playing music. I have tried every 4.5 OS beta so far and it is still an issue. you think they would have corrected this by now..

  8. I seem to be having a problem with .46. I’m running it on a 8320 curve for pearl. And I can receive my voicemail but I never receive the text notice that I have a voicemail. Anythoughts on how to fix this

  9. sorry typo 8320 curve running on tmobile

  10. Hi EJ, My understanding and having worked at a carrier, is that this is a network initiated notification, so once the Voicemail has been left at the Service Provider it will then generate a notification. Personal experiences over the many years, I have found this to be non reliable means of notifying of missed calls and voicemails. I have the same on other devices and with different code version on different carriers. Tower congestion can also play a role in the failure of the Notification messages.

    Sometimes they are quick in coming in (most times), sometimes days late then it notifies that I have 5 Voicemail’s or I dont get them at all.

    I am quite reluctant to think it is the code that is affecting these delayed notifications or lack thereof.

    I will however continue to check on this on my own devices and see if this has an increased failure rate.

  11. I dloaded and actually find it to be a pretty stable and big improvement over…

    The BIG issue i’m having is that everytime i connect to the DMgr, it says I have an OS upgrade available to install… but, i’m already at 0.46?

    Any idea what that’s about?

  12. Hi Jeff, If this is the only code you have installed then run through this again. I had the exactly the same on my first connection after the Upgade. I dont remember if there was anything still to update but it went through quite quickly. For me it only did this once and there after all was normal.

  13. Thx for the reply G… I’ve actually let it reinstall once already (still takes a good 30-40 min, like its starting all over again)

    Just connected again and it still wants to do the 4.5 Core Library stuff (the OS install)… so i just cancelled out and all is okay… but, I know this shouldn’t be the case.

  14. mmm, very strange. I cannot say why it wnat to do that repeatedly. I guess now that it is installed you can just uninstall the code so that it does continue with that.

  15. sorry typo there….”does not continue with that”.

  16. There’s a thought… may give that a whirl… thx again 4 the input buddy

  17. Where can i download OS

  18. THANK YOU Gareth!!!

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