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T-Mobile Raising Per-Message SMS Rates to 20 Cents

T-mobile-logoEngadget got the word out that T-Mobile is joining their carrier brethren by raising SMS rates to $.20 per message if you don’t have a plan.

This new rates goes into effect on August 29th. Sometimes you can convince your carrier that these rate hikes are a material breach of contract and they will waive your ETF (Early Termination Fee). This might be a perfect way to get out of your T-Mobile contract just in time to get a Bold from AT&T. That is if you are convincing enough.

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  1. Did you guys got to use MobiYard Software ?? Check this out Free Mobile SMS Worldwide.. Let me know if anyone have used it.

  2. Did I read that right? For those who have a plan? So my monthly plan isolates me from this %*#@? Maybe for the time being.

  3. 1 – if you’re going to text, get a package or get over it.
    2 – tmo is offering capabilities to block any chargable messages to and from your phone about a month before this…for free
    3 – there is no way this would constitute any form of contract breech as there is way more then advanced notice of the rate increase.
    4 – if you like taking it in the rear from your carrier, pay the etf and go elsewhere. Just one less whiney customer who thinks they deserve a bunch of free stuff for us to deal with.

  4. rndy,

    Yes, I completely agree that if you have a package; particularly an unlimited package which seems so prevalent currently, you’re not going to go over and the pricing will not impact you. However, you’re way off base with your completely irrelevant and non-legally valid argument.

    Most of the time the legal definition is “materially adverse impact” – what it means is, this is going to impact you negatively. Advance notice does nothing to mitigate this impact althoughit does sound like T-Mobile is trying to go out of it’s way to avoid meeting the “impact” part of the wording.

  5. Well doesnt it say in their contract they can set and raise prices based on something? Maybe its just me and for those who dont have unlimited plan which you would be surprised that alot of people dont have, this is to cover up the 3G network lol.

  6. Mike, read the contract terms. I’m pretty sure it says in there we can change prices without any advance notice, or for tha fact without telling you at all. We’re not only giving you almost a 2 month notice, but also giving you a way to avoid having to worry about any messages ever being charged to your account at all.

  7. rndy,

    You may be the first person I have ever witnessed defend a wireless company. You must work for tmobile. BTW, don’t pretend to understand contract law because you definitely don’t. Just continue setting people up with their fave 5 and leave the legal work to the lawyers.

  8. Teej, I deal with people like you who try to find the loop holes everyday. Read section 5 of the contract terms. I doubt any judge or jury or arbitrator is going to deem a 5 cent rate increase with 60+ days notice as “materially adverse”. And you’ll be hard pressed to find a rep that will waive you etf based on such. Especially since you’ll be able to avoid worrying about being charged at all. And I will continue setting people up and telling people like you that I’m sorry, but your charges are valid, you used the service.

  9. I am aware that many of you may be sticking up for the company and saying this isn’t reason enough to get out of a contract, but it is considered materially adverse. No matter how you put it, a 5 cent hike is still a 5 cent hike. And while they may not consider it materially adverse, I may. This is a negative change in the contract and you should be able to opt out for that very reason.

  10. you signed the contract.

    deal with it babies.

  11. FYI, despite all that rndy and pwned said, Tmobile released me from the contract that I didn’t agree to. The funny part was, they didn’t do it until I filed a 5 minute complaint with the FCC. As soon as some regulatory body was involved, Tmobile seemed to agree completely with me. Shows that they will try and bully you into submission unless you get serious about it. I am still with them, but on a month-to-month contract. Unfortunately, it is probably too late to do this now, but next time they change the contract that you signed, try it out. BTW, this is not a loophole. This is forcing both parties to enforce only what they agreed to. They have all of the bargaining power in the relationship, so don’t feel bad about taking advantage of the protections of the law.

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