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BlackBerry Naming Game – New iDen Nextel BlackBerry???

“Find & Name that BlackBerry” seems to be the new game in town. We have been guilty of playing quite a few times in the last year. The latest contestant is the knowledgeable Jibi @

Blackberry8350He managed to confirm that the touchscreen Thunder is now officially the 9500 but that is not really new. Keep in mind we used to think that it was called the Storm but what is really in a name.

He also managed to get some screenshots of the upcoming Desktop Manager 4.7 which looks exactly like 4.6. I wonder what they changed or is this just RIM marketing again?

The juiciest news that Jibi managed to squeeze is that there really will be some life for Nextel iDen BlackBerrys. I can’t imagine anybody still using the 7100i but maybe there are still a few of you out there. It seems like RIM will be releasing a BlackBerry 8350 iDen CurveBall with Wifi (Essentially a iDen 8320 with OS 4.6.1).

I guess Nextel cannot just let iDen die peacefully… The device is rumored to be available late this year or early next. So if you want a 2 year old device this will be a great deal!!! I thought it was bad enough when Verizon released the 8330 a year after its GSM brethren!

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  1. Lol, my boss actually got nextel phones for all the supervisors in our building (were in canned food processing) and he ACTUALLY has gotten the 7100i as his phone (this was about 4 months ago)

    I was shocked that they were still selling it…

  2. Nextel also offers very old models in Brazil.

    The site doesn’t show them, but stores also offer two other Blackberry models. I’ve seen them. I don’t even know what they’re called. Really old models.

  3. Old news. I broke this information over 5 months ago on Pinstack.
    BTW, it will include wifi as well.

  4. Please be more specific. You want a medal or…?

  5. Yeah I tried to make a point that most of this “News” is actually just more confirmation of old news. The 8350 is new to my ears but I don’t get to excited about old technology on a dying network.

  6. Sorry Everyone

    Despite rumors of death, Nextel is here to stay. Nextel/sprint looked over the users of Nextel at Airports, Construction sites, Goverment, and school districts and realized they are making to much money to kill it.
    We received a letter from one of the mucky mucks explaining nextel is here for the long haul and is not dying.

    I personally have yet to find a network with the coverage I get with nextel in Utah anyways. Valleys mountains, buildings I can’t use the “I have no bars” excuse for not getting calls.

    Are the phones bulky? Yes. But that is the point. Work like tank, I need a phone built like a tank that wont break if dropped.

    Anyway all hail Nextel

  7. I’ve been dying to hear that a new iDen BBerry would be coming out soon, as much as the 7100i has been good to me its just getting left behind by the other models! I hope they hurry the hell up and get a new model out, i’ll be the fisrt in line to mine!

    BTW: many, many, many people in construction heavily depend on the Direct Connect feature so to speak of them killing this service is absurd.

  8. Release date for the New Blackberry Curve 8350i will be released 12/01/09.It will be $149.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate. I will be able to get additional discounts on the device. You can contact me at [email protected]. Our company has locations in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide sales, service and support for the 5 major cellualr provider. I will be taking pre orders as of 11/2. Take advantage now. They are already have a high demand.

  9. @ Troy:
    Do you mean 2008 or 2009? I got intel that the 8350i was coming out in Nov. (mid to late) via 2 sales reps and a corporate managment high up in the Sprint-Nextel chain of command… pls update your info or verify that you’re intel is correct.

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