TVersity RC1 – Stream Your Video Collection To Your BlackBerry

Both Mark & Josep sent me a link that TVersity that we mentioned back in May is now available in their latest Release Candidate. Keep in mind this is not an official release and is just a Release Candidate which is essentially admitting that there are bugs. TVersity lets you stream your media collection to your OS 4.3+ BlackBerry. Give it a spin at let me know how it works for you!Splash_main

From their release page:

This release also features support for Blackberry devices (media streaming requires OS 4.3 or higher, downloading requires OS 4.2 or higher). Blackberry users with OS4.3 or higher can stream live Internet TV to their phone, watch YouTube videos and Podcasts, listen to radio stations and essentially enjoy anything that TVersity offers – access to one’s home media library is of-course included.

You can download TVersity 1.0 Release Candidate for free from this link

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  1. Did anybody else notice a installation error which is so stupid. This is the first time I have installed this program, while its installing it asks me to close the program it is running and it needs to close :-X. Basically its asking to close itself because its running in the background, which is the installation itself. lmao.

    Anyway, just click “NO” and dont get suckered in to installing the toolbars uncheck both boxes. Im testing this out now to see how it works.

  2. I cant get it to load on the blackberry, anybody else know what to type in to get to the browser link. Ive tried my Ip address and it doesnt work.

  3. I downloaded…installed…was able to login and see all my files and such…right up until the point where I click on something to play and then I get the typical error “Request Entity Too Large”..running

    Looked on the support site as well…Ummm…don’t expect much from there, unless of course you like reading through 100’s of spam threads…

    Looked promising and I expected more since I use Tversity as a media server for my PS3.

  4. Blaze how were you able to log in?

  5. Download and install to your PC…

    Then go to to get your IP, make sure media sharing is started under the settings option and that you have set a password under the same screen as well.

    Then open up your BB browser and go to http:///YOURIPHERE:41952 and as long as you set a password and enabled media sharing in the application, a login window should pop up.

    Fill in your username/password and voila, still don’t make the streaming work though from my experience.

  6. PS: If you have any firewalls or routers running you are gonna have to make the approp adjustments to them to allow the application access to the “outside”.

  7. I installed and fixed the login issue. I can browse the files on the blackberry, but cannot stream. I get a “HTTP Error 400: Bad Request” error. I am running a Verizon 8330 with OS 4.3.

  8. Thanks alot, I figured it was like that, I tried it and it didn’t work. Its to much work to go through the vonage router to my other router lol just to get this configured.

  9. Im pretty sure the MAX size for Streaming (per ?RIM?) is gunna be 5 megs. Anything over that and your gunna get an error, which sucks……

  10. The 5 MB limit technically shouldn’t apply for streaming protocols in 4.3/4.5 OS, hell even the new BerryTunes 2.5 can stream podcasts larger then the 5MB limit, but that leaves the question of how much testing TVersity did with their RC, cause I know they are not part of the BlackBerry Developer Alliance, therefore no help from RIM in the way of workarounds for the lame 5MB limit. If slingbox ever stops dragging their butts, we’ll have a true media server for BB…at least they worked with RIM to develop their services.

  11. i have a win2003 serv with IIS setup and I can stream any audio file (mp3) over the internet as long as its under 5 megs. I get the first 3 sec of 3gp video to go, but error’s out after that. I’m running 4.3 Verizon 8330.

  12. Hi, I am Ronen from TVersity. We tested this extensively with WiFi, 3G is currently untested, and it might take a while before we do some 3g testing. The blog post should have said it, sorry.

    For those that wish to help us get it working over 3G please head over to our support forums.

    If this is a file size problem, we can report a small size to the phone so that it will start, the question is: won’t it abandon the playback once the size is reached? Anyway, changing the max size is easy, it is done via a configuration file. Every one of you can try it and let us know how it went. Edit a file called profiles.xml (located in the TVersity installation path), look for blackberry, under that look for:

    Change the size to whatever you like, restart sharing via main menu of the TVersity GUI and try again.

  13. The file size limitation is not coming from the application, it’s coming from the BB devices them selves, you explaining the testing was done over WiFi explains a lot..since the device limitation does NOT exist using WiFi.

    And unless you are speaking of EVDO, you’ll only have a minimal amnt of users looking to test out 3G at this point, cause not everyone has a BlackBerry Bold or an 8707 (in the US).

  14. Hey Bla1ze:
    Are you still playing with this? Compared to Sling?

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