CellRanger – USB Powered Cellphone Repeater

I am usually the first to throw stones at claims of increased cell phone reception by using devices. Recently I was shown a repeater at work and it actually worked. Then another friend pointed out CellRanger to me:


CellRanger was announced back in March. The idea is that you plug this device into your USB port and connect the antenna and you instantly get 2–3 more bars of reception within 6 feet. Seems impressive for a USB powered device considering how much power other cellphone repeaters use. They also have a 12v car adapter.

Supposedly the CellRanger performs some magic with your signal to clean it up and improve it. That is how they justify the $149 price tag. The downside is that it only improves your downlink connection (cell tower to your phone) and does nothing to your uplink connection (cellphone to tower) so it might not work for everybody. It works for GSM and CDMA connections in the US but does not work with Nextel’s iDen network. It also works with 3G connections so it will still work with the upcoming Bold.

I am doing a bit of research into repeaters recently because cellphone reception in my apartment in Manhattan is shoddy. Hopefully I will come across something good.

Check it out at www.getcellranger.com. Let me know if you have tried CellRanger, or any other cellphone repeaters, out!

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  1. Well Manhattan apartments are super concrete, your on a island lol. Queens has good service out here so I don’t need that :-P. You would think Manhattan would have super service for cellphones, although personally when I’m in Manhattan I always have 4 bars in any building and I went to a lot of buildings in Manhattan.

    (I hope I can type HTML in these post)

  2. It’s great that it can be carried anywhere. Nice cell phone repeater!

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