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BIS 2.5 Is Here – HTML Emails & Attachment Downloading

I know we have been mentioning BIS 2.5 quite a bit recently but its quite exciting. We finally have HTML emails for everybody on OS 4.5+.Bis25[1] Nice work RIM!

Along with BIS 2.5 we get:

  • HTML emails
  • Attachments up to 3 megabytes
  • Download and save attachments to memory card. (This really makes documents to go useful)

Not everybody may get these updates automatically but it is live for all carriers in the US. You may need to log into your BIS account and re-send your service books to get these options.

Just head to your carriers link below. Sorry if I missed yours.


I have all of the major US carriers to the sidebar links as a reference. Let me know your carriers login page and I will add it to our list.

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  1. Everything seems to be working great on my AT&T 8310. Very exciting stuff!

  2. Well… I have the menu option but emails still don’t show up in html…. I’m on tmobile useing an 8320.

  3. yeah you specifically have to receive an HTML email for you to see it.
    For example most junk mail like sharper image and such will be HTML others will probably not.
    There does not seem to be a way to create HTML email from the blackberry…yet

  4. Lol duh. I even sent myself an html email. Still shows the code no pictures or anything…

  5. Mine seems to be working beautifully but not on old mail – only on new HTML mail. I did not have it first thing in the morning so I resent service books, did a battery pull, and verified in E-Mail Options/E-Mail Settings that “Enable HTML Email” was set to YES. The next HTML mail that I received was beautiful. If however, I forwarded myself an old HTML mail, I had to hit the MENU button and click GET IMAGES to see it. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  6. Nah html emails still do not work for me. Can sumone send me a working html email they received so I can test it? I tried sending myself one n it didn’t work. [email protected] doewloading attachments does work tho.

  7. It’s working for me as well, but that’s only when I sent my services books via my carrier’s BIS website using the computer. Before I did it directly on the phone and it didn’t work.

  8. i dont seeing anything i recent my service books i got the options in my email settings but still not images i tried sending an html email to myself but to no avail

  9. Same problem as u Ro…

  10. At first I couldn’t see the images either but then I hit the menu button then choose get images. Then all the images started to load. SWEET.

  11. I don’t have that menu option.

  12. Joey, if you don’t have the menu option resend your service books and do a battery pull to load them.

  13. So does this mean we get Windows Live instant messaging?

  14. I can confirm that mexican provider TELCEL did the upgrade to BIS 2.5 too.. just had to resend the service books and now i have the html option 😀 blackberry 8300 with os 4.5

  15. All good over here in Canada. Sent the service books… running the 8830 beta and HTML is a go!

  16. *shakes angry fist at Verizon*
    Release OS 4.5 for my 8830!!

  17. Works now, but its not html emails that it works on, because I typed myself an email useing sum simple html code like img and bold and a link, and the code showed up. But a diffrent email worked.

  18. Are there any other BBSmart users noticing some weirdness since BIS 2.5 rolled out (VZW 8830 running My plain text email sigs that look normal in BIS and always looked normal before on the ‘berry now have all their newlines seemingly stripped off. So an email signature that WAS like 4 or 5 distinct lines now is all squished to one long line.

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