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Can I Please Stalk You… Am I The Only One?

After reading this article on Mashable by Steven Hodson, I recognized a trend. It seems like every week there is a new buddy location finder or GPS location monitoring application for BlackBerry. Now we are even finding ways to include our location in a microblog such as Twitter. Is the next evolution to let people always know where you are?

CatstalkingIt started with the MySpace and Facebook where you inundated all your friends with what you were doing each and every second. It then progressed to Twitter-like instant notification of what you were doing. You could not even wait to get to a PC anymore. Now it seems like companies are trying to mix Twitter with your GPS location to give the whole world even more information about you.

It has gotten to the point where I wouldn’t be surprized if a company like Google decided to do a real time people search. Just search for a friend (or anybody’s) name and they will show up on your Google Maps display.

Am I the only one starting to get paranoid? I am a trusting person in general, but way too many people are starting to collect way too much information about me… Hopefully I only have to worry about my cat stalking me…

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  1. I think the coolness factor of these applications, gets the best of us sometimes.

    I admit, I install apps on my BB just because I can , then I do an audit , and I delete multipe apps that I haven’t used in a month.

    Now , as far as the real time Google people search thing is concernec , I wouldn’t put it past them. Probably in beta testing as we speak.

  2. Well, Ronen, maybe you have a point, but maybe you miss the point that everyone is volunteering all that information. I guess people are bored, people are lonely, people want to show off. When you can blame no one but the users themselves, maybe you no longer have a point.
    I’m only sure you’re wrong about the cat stalking you. Cats don’t give a rat’s ass. 🙂

  3. I have long been concerned over who collects what data, with this applications people being able to track my location, even look at my billing and see all the numbers I have called so on and so forth, now while you are right Luciano, people volunteer this information, but how many of the people actually UNDERSTAND what they are doing when they agree to terms and conditions of services, I’m positive many, many people see the t&c page, check the little box that could really be saying they just signed over their house and car and never know it until someone came to collect the car and seize the house…this is the reason why I have no real connection to a great many “social networks” out there these days, I’m sure if you look back far enough into the investors you will find a good many data mining organizations behind their funding i.e Facebook…

    But then again, maybe I’m the paranoid one…but I assure, my house and car wont be seized because I failed to read some t&c’s lmao!!

  4. Youi’re right, Bla1ze, but I didn’t mean that kind of tricky T&C agreements. I was referring to Twitter whereby people know they are advertising their current activities, or geolocation apps by means of which people know they are revealing their current location to all and sundry. Volunteering all the way.

  5. @Luciano ES

    Gotcha, sometimes I have a bad habit of digging deeper into things then I really need too lmao!!

  6. There is an app out there for WinMo users called Tricker Tracker, which takes the last 5 GPS coordinates and uploads them to their server. You can then make your “map page” public so others can see them plotted on the map. I could see this being useful if your kid is on a road trip and you want to check on their progress, but overall…yeah, kind of scary.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. The entire trend is creepy and disturbing to me 🙁

  8. Could it be that you think a little to much of yourself to think the general public (or the evil corporation) wants to know where you are 24/7?

  9. Who said the general public or the government? What about your ex-girl/boyfriend stalker? Or even worse your ex-husband/wife?

    Or when will it become acceptable (common practice) for employers to give you GPS tracking devices to monitor your movements? Some companies already do this.

    Or will it become acceptable for wireless companies to sell the location of their current subscribers?

    I personally don’t care but it is enough to make you understand the paranoia…

  10. Gary,
    There is currently testing of a Beta Marketing application to track your current location live. You input all the things you like etc, and you are sent an email of when/where/how much. Stores near by your current location offering you deals on the things you have inputted that you like.
    Direct marketing is the most cost effective way of marketing an item especially if you have the demographic of the person you are marketing to. At the end of the day, scary stuff but a one persons detailed information can be a great commodity to cutting edge marketing firms…

  11. Okay so maybe I’ll provide the stupid answer. This seems like fun, no need to paranoid man, Buy a metrocard, hop on the subway and let them have fun on trying to track you down.

  12. All new technologies can be misused and everyone eventually learns to gain benefit from it. I am sure that 10 years ago the concept of typing your name on your computer and getting back information such as employment history, birthdate, and even where you have lived seemed creepy yet you can easily do that now.
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