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editors-choice-small.jpgReview: Empower BES Mailbox
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Cost: $19.99 @ the BerryReview Store

I know that this application has been mentioned before, but I just got it yesterday and I had to talk about it in greater detail!

Anyone who uses their BlackBerry on an Enterprise Server, should seriously consider this application. Empower BES MailBox has been a career saver for me. Those of you on a BES know that your Desktop messages populate into the handy “Messages” folder… as do ALL of your other messages from your various associated email accounts you have set up through BIS. The work around for this is often setting up a custom search for Desktop messages, and saving the search to a shortcut key, but that only helps so much. You are still tied to remembering to execute the search.

Que BES MailBox- Basically what the program does, is it creates a saved search and ties it to an icon on your homescreen. The icon functions much in the same way as a typical mailbox icon, including a distinct notification icon when you have an unread message. The program also lets you create a separate notification alerts when setting up your profiles (the BIG winner in my book). Another feature which I haven’t had too much time to play with is the Folder Based Alerts, which lets you set the notification to alert you when messages arrive in certain folders of your BES account.

The only negative things that I can possibly think of, are that underneath it all, its still a search. If you clear messages from the “messages” folder, you will clear all your messages, including BES messages. Also, when you are in your BES folder, and hit the back button, it takes you to your “Messages” folder instead of the homescreen. Kind of a bummer, but no biggie.

So if you are having similar problems with your corporate email getting lost in a sea of email, head over to the BerryReview Store and pick up this program for a mere $19.99-practically nothing compared to a lost email from a boss who needs something done in 10 minutes. Or if you want to try it out first hit up this link for the OTA Trial Download. There is basically no set-up for this application, install it and it does the rest.


  • No complicated setup
  • Visual new message indicator
  • Folder based alerts


  • Back button does not take you to homescreen
  • Bit pricy
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  1. Latest BES version already has this built-in.

  2. Um, I’m wondering why not just keep the icon for that particular mailbox unhidden on your desktop? And use profiles to assign that email account a distinctive notification method? I mean, if you’ve got a half dozen email addresses on your berry, it can be quite confusing browsing through the Messages app (where they are all moshed together into one inbox), but every email address can have it’s own separate icon on the desktop so I’m not getting the point of paying $20 for this???

  3. Joe–Thank you very much for this tip! Unfortunately my BES admin is a little reluctant to try new things, if it aint broke dont fix it kind of guy. But i will encourage him to pursue this. Although i have a feeling he will not do anything until HTML email is in the picture.

    David- You are correct that all imap/pop3 email accounts that you add to your device are given their own email “mailbox” on your home screen. However, when your Berry is connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise server, the server redirects email from your office email account (In my case an Exchange account) and these messages ONLY populate to the general “messages” mailbox. Hence the source of my frustration. So for me $20 bucks is a drop in the bucket compared to the alternative.

  4. Anyone know the name of that theme in the picture? Sorry to be off topic.

  5. I’m on a BES and was able to separate out my personal and work messages. As I recall, I had to initially upgrade the software on the device to have options to separate the mailboxes. I’m an avid SMS user, and having the SMS messages get dumped in “messages” meant they would get lost. Same with my personal email. Let me find the option….Options\General Options\SMS & Email inboxes: separate. For the separate email, I just went through the icon “personal email setup” and it set it up separate. Maybe the difference is I use Lotus Notes and my mail is on an IBM Domino server. Anyhow, I am happy to be on a BES with separate work, personal, & sms icons and inboxes.

  6. BES Mailbox is not working correctly on the new BlackBerry Bold 9000. I am unable to "save" changes to the setting for BES Mailbox. I've contact Empower and they have alerted me that they are working to correct the bug.

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